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Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas

CIDE is one of Mexico’s most important centers of teaching and research in the social sciences. Recognized both nationally and internationally, CIDE has been a non-profit public institution since its establishment in Mexico City in 1974. Part of the network of highly specialized public centers for research and higher education coordinated by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), CIDE is fully committed to contributing to the development of Mexico through its demanding academic programs; rigorous, relevant research; and links to the public, private, social, and academic sectors.


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Alexander Lukashenko, el líder autoritario de Bielorrusia, nunca ha reconocido la amenaza del COVID-19. Andrei Stasevich\TASS via Getty Images

5 mandatarios reprobados en manejo de la pandemia

Estos líderes, en mayor o menor medida, subestimaron la gravedad de la pandemia – con consecuencias mortales.
El presidente de Bielorrusia, Alexander Lukashenko, sin máscarilla, visita un hospital de Minsk para pacientes del covid-19, el 27 de noviembre de 2020. Andrei Stasevich\TASS vía Getty Images

Covid-19: Los cinco líderes que peor han gestionado la pandemia

La pandemia aún no ha terminado, pero estos líderes mundiales ya han ocupado su lugar en la historia por no haber combatido eficazmente el mortal coronavirus. Algunos de ellos ni siquiera lo intentaron.
Le président biélorusse Alexandre Loukachenko, sans masque, visite un hôpital pour les patients atteints de la Covid-19, à Minsk, le 27 novembre 2020. Andrei Stasevich\TASS via Getty Images

Voici les cinq dirigeants qui ont le plus mal géré la Covid-19 dans leur pays

La pandémie n’est pas terminée, mais ces dirigeants sont déjà entrés dans l’histoire pour avoir échoué à combattre efficacement la Covid-19. Certains d’entre eux n’ont même pas vraiment essayé.
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko visits a hospital for COVID-19 patients, unmasked, in Minsk on Nov. 27, 2020. Andrei Stasevich\TASS via Getty Images

World’s worst pandemic leaders: 5 presidents and prime ministers who badly mishandled COVID-19

The pandemic’s not over yet, but these world leaders have already cemented their place in history for failing to effectively combat the deadly coronavirus. Some of them didn’t even really try.
Some 25,000 National Guard troops protected Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration due to fears of a far-right extremist attack. Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

US could face a simmering, chronic domestic terror problem, warn security experts

Far-right extremists in the US have the potential to mount a coordinated, low-intensity campaign of political violence. It wouldn’t be the country’s first experience with domestic terror.
Nicaragua derrotó su ultimo dictador violento en 1979. Es el único pais en America Latina desde Cuba hacer una revolución exitosa. AP Photo/Alfredo Zuniga

Nicaragua intenta derrocar a un dictador (de nuevo)

La historia demuestra que los presidentes latinoamericanos no duran mucho después de usar la violencia para reprimir las protestas masivas. ¿Será Daniel Ortega el próximo en caer?
Only 5 percent of agricultural workers in Mexico are white, while almost 30 percent of white-collar workers are. That’s just one stat confirming that, yes, racism exists in Mexico, too. Carlos Jasso/Reuters

Study reveals racial inequality in Mexico, disproving its ‘race-blind’ rhetoric

Mexico may celebrate its mixed-race heritage, but a new study shows that racism is powerful there. Darker-skinned Mexicans earn less and finish fewer years of schooling than white citizens.
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration has been plagued by corruption and scandal, and many voters have finally had enough. Edgard Garrido/Reuters

As angry voters reject major parties, Mexico’s 2018 presidential race grows chaotic

Mexico’s 2018 presidential race hasn’t even begun, but it’s already a nail-biter, featuring two women, a left-wing firebrand, party defections, strange bedfellows and no small dose of scandal.
President Enrique Peña Nieto’s invitation for Donald Trump to visit Mexico in August 2016 offended 74% of Mexicans, according to polls. Reuters

How will Mexico deal with The Donald?

Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-NAFTA rhetoric has targeted Mexico and Mexicans.
A view of Tijuana from San Isidro, California. Americans’ negative opinion of Mexico doesn’t always reflect reality. Mike Blake/Reuters

Is that really how you see us? A Mexican response to US election season

The facts contradict Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican rhetoric, but US mischaracterisation of its southern neighbor isn’t new to this election season - nor will it end in November.
Are drawbridge issues challenging our two-party system?

How trade and immigration are colliding with our two-party system

Debate over trade and immigration have caused rifts within parties this year. An international relations expert explains how these global issues will continue to challenge our two-party system.


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