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Charles Darwin University is the only Australian university to offer the full spectrum of education options from senior secondary, through to Vocational Education and Training, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. As the largest tertiary institution in the Northern Territory, CDU offers a fresh approach to education, training, research and knowledge application.


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Every state and territory is different: how did they vote in Election 2013? Image from

State of the states post-election: experts respond

The Conversation asked Australia’s leading experts to profile the eight states and territories in the lead up to the election. With the result decided (albeit some details still to be ironed out), we look…
Australians see the NT as a place of red sand, Uluru and Aborigines but this is an incomplete picture. Image from

State of the states: Northern Territory

STATE OF THE STATES: a snapshot of the key issues affecting each state and territory in the lead up to Saturday’s election. The Northern Territory is, in effect, a self-governing territory of the Commonwealth…
Tropical rainforests store huge amounts of carbon. So how can we protect them? Nigel Turvey

We need a carbon deal on rainforests, and we have one

Conserving tropical rainforests is the single greatest thing we can do to reduce carbon emissions, according to shadow environment minister Greg Hunt. Hunt will use Australia’s leadership of the 2014 G20…
Yes, it rains a lot in the north. But it’s also dry a lot. And variability could get worse. Kasi Metcalfe

Politicians have forgotten the ‘dry’ in dry tropics and the change in the climate

**Northern futures, northern voices: It seems everyone has ideas about how Australia’s north could be better, but most of those ideas come from the south. In this six-part weekly series, developed by the…
Our threatened species, like this young Leadbeater’s Possum, need some attention. Flickr/Greens MPs

Let’s put threatened species on the election agenda

The Coalition will instate a Commissioner for Threatened Species should it form government, according to shadow environment minister Greg Hunt. The minister says that, while management plans for threatened…
Kevin Rudd takes a moment at the Ord River Dam in the Northern Territory yesterday. The dam is part of his three-point “Growing the North” plan, which he unveiled yesterday. AAP

Just another quickie - northern visions for southern votes

On a flying visit to Darwin yesterday, Prime Minister Rudd proposed a new initiative “Growing the North: A Plan for Northern Australia”. The Opposition, particularly local Country Liberal politicians…
The diverse rivers of Northern Australia, flat and expansive, support diverse species and are linked by unregulated Wet season flows. Andrew Campbell

Dam it all? River futures in northern Australia

**Northern futures, northern voices: It seems everyone has ideas about how Australia’s north could be better, but most of those ideas come from the south. In this six-part weekly series, developed by the…
Indigenous health minister Warren Snowdon ought to be concerned about the growing disillusionment towards the ALP of Aborigines in his Lingiari electorate. AAP/Dean Lewins

Lingiari: unique, but still a mirror of the broader contest?

Recently, Lingiari MP and Minister for Indigenous Health and Veterans’ Affairs Warren Snowdon made a big fuss in the local NT media about a A$4,500 grant for a new stove for the ailing RSL club in Alice…
Local people want sensible development that is sensitive to the things that make the north unique and valuable. Tom Rayner

We need a smarter debate on developing northern Australia

**Northern futures, northern voices: It seems everyone has ideas about how Australia’s north could be better, but most of those ideas come from the south. In this six-part weekly series, developed by the…
The health of our rural landscapes depends on supportive policies and hard work by caring Australians, such as here on David Marsh’s property near Boorowa, NSW. Andrew Campbell

Election 2013 Issues: Looking after Australia

Welcome to the **The Conversation Election 2013 State of the Nation* essays. These articles by leading experts in their field provide an in-depth look at the key policy challenges affecting Australia as…
Kevin Rudd’s asylum seeker policy will resettle refugees in PNG. So what will their life actually be like? AAP/George Curry

What life can a resettled refugee expect in PNG?

Prime minister Kevin Rudd’s plan to resettle asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea is already being compared to John Howard’s hard line on the Tampa, which won Howard the election in 2001. It might be good…
Australia used to care about conservation but do cuts to the Biodiversity Fund show we’ve turned our back on nature? Peter9914/Flickr

Why has nature become a niche issue?

It will be no surprise that a recent analysis of biodiversity funding round the world found that Australia was among the 40 countries spending least in comparison to our global legacy of species. Now…
For 30 years, Australia has been trying to figure out how to get more trees on the land. We just took another backward step. Andrew Campbell

Revegetation helps fix the climate, but Australia would rather clear land

This week the Treasurer announced cuts of $213m to the Biodiversity Fund and $144m to the Carbon Farming Initiative — at face value a big set back for landscape restoration. State governments seem to be…
In most of our workplaces and institutions there are subtle, cumulative, insidious judgements and responses that serve to reinforce the powerful status quo of leadership. Image sourced from

Is this the end of the gender wars?

Accounts in the media over the past week explain, or rather rationalise, the downfall of our first female Prime Minister. One-time feminist warrior Eva Cox found that Julia Gillard failed to communicate…
Christmas Island is a shelter for cultural and environmental diversity. Flickr/Hadi Zaher

Unknown wonders: Christmas Island

Australia is famous for its natural beauty: the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kakadu, the Kimberley. But what about the places almost no one goes? We asked ecologists, biologists and wildlife researchers…
The Christmas Island Shrew has been recorded four times since its discovery. Max Orchard

Australian endangered species: Christmas Island Shrew

It may be that there are no more shrews in Australia. There was only ever one representative, edging into the Australian political estate on the remote Christmas Island, closer to Java than any other part…
We have plenty of resources that could stop us falling off the edge. Chris Philavanh

Can we resolve the ‘peak everything’ problem?

With world population exceeding seven billion, there is renewed interest in the limits to growth concept first articulated by the Club of Rome in the 1970s. How can a growing population with growing affluence…
A juvenile Christmas Island Frigatebird in Jakarta. The species’ international fishing trips make it difficult to develop conservation strategies. Shah Jahan

Australian endangered species: Christmas Island Frigatebird

The Christmas Island Frigatebird is a spectacular large seabird. It is one of only five frigatebird species, all with glossy black plumage, long narrow wings, buoyant and acrobatic flight, and long bill…

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