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Charles Sturt University was established in 1989, building on a tradition of excellence in teaching and research spanning more than 100 years. It aims for excellence in education for the professions, strategic and applied research and flexible delivery of learning and teaching.


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Ineffective altruism.

The cold logic of doing good

This weekend Melbourne is hosting a conference on effective altruism. The aim of effective altruism (EA) is to do “as much good as possible per dollar spent”. Its premise is that much giving is wasted…
Liberty Guiding the People by Delacroix.

The myth of public opinion

What this election shows more clearly than most is that the idea of the public will is a fiction, and that out there in the electorate politics is a battle of wills.
Those teachers who upgraded to an early childhood teaching degree were most likely to leave the profession. from

One in five early childhood educators plan to leave the profession

20% of surveyed early education educators said they want to leave their job due to low pay, volume of paperwork and feeling undervalued.
Trump le Pen Orban Credit to the Economist.

Brexit, Trump and the Fracturing of Conservatism

Watching the rise of right-wing populism tear conservative parties to shreds provides a certain amount of Schadenfreude. Donald Trump’s fight with the GOP Establishment is being mirrored across the Atlantic…
Friend or foe? Birds that eat almonds can also help clear away unharvested nuts from the tree. FearTec/Wikimedia Commons

Goodies v baddies? Why labelling wild animals as ‘pests’ or ‘friends’ is holding farming back

It’s hard to keep wild animals out of farms. Birds, mammals and insects all affect crop yields, in positive ways (such as flies pollinating flowers) and negative ones (such as when birds damage fruit…
Book scholar.

Keeping Christopher Contented

“Write it to be read by Christopher Pyne.” This advice was given to a colleague by his university’s research office as he finalized his application for an Australian Research Council grant. It isn’t as…
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Why I’d Vote For Donald Trump

Every decent person looks on goggle eyed as Donald Trump continues his unlikely march to the Republican Party nomination. We are mesmerized by how he goes out of his way to flout every rule of “political…
Stephen Fry has kissed goodbye to Twitter.

Why Was Stephen Fry Fried On Twitter?

Twitter has become “a stalking ground for the sanctimoniously self-righteous”. So said Stephen Fry as he quit Twitter after being monstered for a joke he made at the BAFTA Awards. As costume designer Jenny…

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