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Charles Sturt University was established in 1989, building on a tradition of excellence in teaching and research spanning more than 100 years. It aims for excellence in education for the professions, strategic and applied research and flexible delivery of learning and teaching.


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Friend or foe? Birds that eat almonds can also help clear away unharvested nuts from the tree. FearTec/Wikimedia Commons

Goodies v baddies? Why labelling wild animals as ‘pests’ or ‘friends’ is holding farming back

It’s hard to keep wild animals out of farms. Birds, mammals and insects all affect crop yields, in positive ways (such as flies pollinating flowers) and negative ones (such as when birds damage fruit…
Book scholar.

Keeping Christopher Contented

“Write it to be read by Christopher Pyne.” This advice was given to a colleague by his university’s research office as he finalized his application for an Australian Research Council grant. It isn’t as…
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Why I’d Vote For Donald Trump

Every decent person looks on goggle eyed as Donald Trump continues his unlikely march to the Republican Party nomination. We are mesmerized by how he goes out of his way to flout every rule of “political…
Stephen Fry has kissed goodbye to Twitter.

Why Was Stephen Fry Fried On Twitter?

Twitter has become “a stalking ground for the sanctimoniously self-righteous”. So said Stephen Fry as he quit Twitter after being monstered for a joke he made at the BAFTA Awards. As costume designer Jenny…
A reported 350 jobs will be cut from CSIRO’s staff. David McClenaghan/CSIRO/Wikimedia Commons

CSIRO is poised to slash climate research jobs – experts react

CSIRO is set to cut dozens of jobs from its climate research units, as part of a wider series of job losses to be formally announced today.
Kisses aren’t the only magic that happens under Australian mistletoe. Margaret Donald/Flickr

Mistletoe: the kiss of life for healthy forests

In many parts of the world, Christmas and mistletoe are inextricably intertwined. But in the natural world, mistletoe has long fascinated naturalists and scientists.
Les délégations prennent connaissance de la nouvelle version du projet de texte d’accord à la clôture du Comité de Paris, dans la soirée du 12 décembre 2015. Arnaud Bouissou/Flickr

COP21 : ce qu’il faut retenir de l’accord de Paris

Les points les plus importants de l’accord de Paris sur le climat, adopté samedi 12 décembre 2015 au soir, analysés par les spécialistes de The Conversation.
Job done: COP21 president Laurent Fabius. Reuters/Stephane Mahe

Historic Paris climate pact reached – experts react

At the Paris climate talks, the world has signed up to the first truly global treaty to tackle global warming. Our experts react.
Immanuel Kant was one of the first to propose a state of states. Veit Hans Schnorr/Wikimedia Commons

Kant at Le Bourget

It is natural to adopt a cynical view of the global climate change conference now taking place outside Paris. Behind the noble public declarations self-interest is ruthlessly asserted in the private negotiating…

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