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This eastern shovelnose stingaree was once unheard of in northern Tasmania. Now it is abundant. Peter Last

Marine life spawns sooner as our oceans warm

Warming oceans are affecting the breeding patterns and habitat of marine life, according to a three-year international study published today in Nature Climate Change. This is effectively re-arranging the…
Studies suggest around 30% of people are “generally unengaged” with science. Suarez Leandro

Engaging the unengaged in science? Try a little harder

Like many Australians, you may have recoiled in horror or laughed heartily when the results of the Australian Academy of Science’s science literacy survey surfaced last month. You may have had a similar…
It’s up to us where Australian energy heads, but we need to understand the options. Maxine Sherrin

What will Australia’s energy future look like?

If things keep going as they are currently Australia’s energy future is pretty clear. By 2030 we will have seen continued energy price rises and we will still be reliant largely on fossil fuels for our…
The 2003 SARS outbreak spread from southern China to most parts of the world, resulting in more than 8,000 human infections and almost 800 deaths. KARL GOH/EPA

SARS, MERS …? Preparing for the next coronavirus pandemic

The outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was one of the more serious recent pandemics. It was caused by a member of the coronavirus family, and now another such virus is causing illness…
Our environment is an important part of Australia’s national identity. Shawn Smith

Using national pride to protect our environment

Australia’s natural resources are reaching a crisis point as they struggle to support and sustain our lifestyles. But while degradation of these systems continues, research suggests the level of concern…
“If we don’t evaluate our impact we risk becoming our own worst enemies.” mollybob

Ring the changes on science communication

Public concerns about issues such as wind farms and vaccines have led to a discussion about why some people have strong fears or adverse reactions, and why their perception of risk doesn’t align with those…
Chat apps have overtaken text messaging for the first time and are projected to get even more popular – but this means wireless internet access becomes ever more important. Ed Yourdon

Say l8r to SMS: rise of chat apps means it’s time to talk wireless

The simple pleasure of sending a text message is almost a thing of the past - and shows it’s time we turn our attention to wireless technology. Chat apps such as Apple iMessage and Viber recently overtook…
Before the 1980s, farmers thought lack of water limited their yield. New crops and sowing methods are breaking yield barriers. Michael Middleton

Australia’s farming future: doing more with less water

Changing climate, drought and urban expansion threaten the yield of Australia’s wheat. But changes in cropping methods could address reduced water and lead to a jump in yield not seen since the late 1980s…
One of three major types of the flu viruses that infect people, influenza A ranges from H1 to H17 and from N1 to N9. Señor Codo

H1N1, H5N1, H7N9? What on earth does it all mean

Facts about Flu - Ever wondered what flu classifications mean? Read on. The pandemic influenza strain, or swine flu, that spread globally in 2009 was referred to as H1N1 and the new bird flu currently…
The trend of “mass customisation” will mean Australian factories will be very different places in the future. AAP

Will mass customisation change Australia’s manufacturing future?

Manufacturers across the world rely on economies from the scale of production to drive down unit cost. This “mass production” approach, focused on efficiency and uniformity of product, is feasible when…
Changes in the environment will be easier to automatically detect using new 3D mapping technology. JasonDGreat

Scanning for suspicious packages just got easier

Suspicious packages and public spaces go together like, well, like suspicious packages and public spaces. Sadly, they’re something we all know about, get warned about and, increasingly, have to worry about…
Ocean power can be harnessed for electricity generation using both wave energy and the tide. Scottish Government

Explainer: what is ocean energy?

Renewable ocean energy harnesses the power of the oceans to produce electricity. This can be done in several ways, but the resources that have the most immediate potential in terms of energy production…
Why does the atmosphere over Tasmania record lower levels of CO2 than that over Hawaii? Ula Majewski

How is atmospheric CO2 measured in the Southern Hemisphere?

Last week the greenhouse gas monitoring site at Mauna Loa in Hawaii recorded daily levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide that approached the 400 parts per million molar (ppm) benchmark. Annual mean Southern…
Electrifying stuff: your clothes could power your gadgets - and soon. Stephen Poff

Smarty pants: wearable electronics will recharge your life

Imagine having a wafer-thin touchscreen on your sleeve which, like a scene out of a Philip K. Dick novel, gives you all the functionality of a smartphone without the awkwardness of a cumbersome battery…

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