Getulio Vargas Foundation Graduate School of Economics

The purpose of the Graduate School of Economics – FGV/EPGE is to contribute to teaching and the expansion of knowledge in the field of economics. Always supported by research activities carried out by its faculty and its students, the pursuit of excellence applies as much to undergraduate courses as to post-graduate degrees. Achieving academic and scientific excellence is the commitment of our School.

Since its foundation, in 1961, EPGE has trained some of the top Brazilian economists. Through its faculty and its students, the School has provided an effective contribution for national development. Such contribution has been fostered not only through our efforts to assure equity and quality standards in education, but also through the practical application of the knowledge yielded by our researches and studies in policy-making, in the public and private spheres.

During its 55 years, EPGE has educated professors who nowadays teach in some of the best economics departments worldwide, as well as professors and researchers from countless national research institutes and universities.


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