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Since its establishment in 1975, Griffith University has come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative tertiary institutions and one of the most influential universities in the Asia-Pacific region. Griffith University has internationally recognised strengths in teaching and research.


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Every trip has positive and negative effects. Ben Beiske/Flickr

Can tourism really have conservation benefits?

Many of us eagerly await those few weeks when we can escape the daily grind and break away to some breathtaking holiday destination. But with increasing concern over climate change and the emissions generated…
Without a carbon price, other countries may lose interest in our exports. Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden/Flickr

Why a price on carbon is good news for Australian trade

In the lead up to the carbon price announcement, much of the criticism of the scheme has talked about the damage to Australia’s exports. But the move to price carbon could save us from a far worse economic…
Good financial inclusion measures will protect consumers from predatory lenders. Flickr/rinkjustice

Giving credit where it’s due will ensure financial inclusion

The Australian government has begun to focus on the issue of financial inclusion, as reflected by an allocation of $60.6 million in this year’s federal budget. This follows earlier government support for…
Any solutions for Australia can’t ignore the suburbs. mugley/Flickr

Making a place for policy in our suburbs

In the degreasing after the 2011 New South Wales election a lot was made of the supposed influence of western Sydney voters, their electoral motivations and allegiances. Western Sydney surely has its problems…
When is comes to research, it seems quantity has become much more important than quality. Flickr/Iscan

How ‘publish or perish’ is ruining finance education

Imagine the following conversation between a finance academic and his or her supervisor during an annual performance review: Academic: So, do you think I am ready for a promotion? Supervisor: Well, I see…
For politicians, there’s no bright future in pushing up petrol prices. Alcohol Gasoline/Flickr

Driving off a cliff? The politics of petrol and carbon-pricing

Politically, increasing petrol prices is one of the least popular things a government can do. But is there any point to a carbon tax if it doesn’t cover petrol? Vladimir Putin has just found how quickly…

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