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Since its establishment in 1975, Griffith University has come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative tertiary institutions and one of the most influential universities in the Asia-Pacific region. Griffith University has internationally recognised strengths in teaching and research.


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Cost was one of the reasons why Queenslanders remained uninsured for flood damage but there were other surprising factors. AAP

Why are so many Queenslanders still without flood insurance?

Queensland towns and suburbs have been hit by floods again. Flooding is not a rare event here and most residents are not surprised by the recurrence of floods. But the memory of the 2011 floods is still…
There are roughly 5 million species on earth. Most are insects. Roger Smith

We can name all of Earth’s species, but we may have to hurry

There has been enormous uncertainty amongst the scientific community on just how many species there are on Earth and how rapidly we are losing them through extinction. Given that taxonomists have described…
The land under Coober Pedy is home to vast reserves of shale oil. Perhaps not $20 trillion worth though. edenink/Flickr.

Can shale oil fuel Australia?

Earlier this week, Linc Energy released two reports estimating the amount of oil in the Arckaringa Basin near Coober Pedy in South Australia. Independent reports from Gustavson Associates and DeGolyer…
Should boot camps be banned? Boot camp image via

Public park or private gym: boot camps or bloody nuisance?

Fitness “boot camps” are becoming an increasingly common feature within Australian parks. Typically, a personal trainer will charge a modest fee to instruct a small group that gathers in a public park…
The Australian dollar’s rally in response to more expansive monetary policy from Japan isn’t likely to last, as Japan wrestles with domestic and political reforms.

Why the Australian dollar’s rise against the yen won’t last

The coordinated policies of the Bank of Japan and the Japanese government in increasing money supply has had some interesting short-term implications for the Australian dollar. Since the Bank of Japan…
Governments, industry and communities must work together to address suicide risk factors for FIFO/DIDO workers. AAP/Bagus Indahono

Mining, fly-in, fly-out workers and the risk of suicide

Barely a week passes without media coverage of some aspect of the real or perceived impacts of fly-in fly-out (FIFO) and drive-in drive-out (DIDO) work, especially in the mining sector. We hear about the…
Iron ore prices have rebounded: but forecasting prices is a tricky business. AAP

A rebound in iron ore prices? Who knows?

Forecasting commodity prices is like buying a second hand car. Only the car’s previous owner and perhaps the dealer really know what the car is actually like. In contrast you, the buyer, are an outsider…
On the international stage, China is reluctant to cut emissions. Back home, its new emissions trading scheme will be the world’s second largest. Flickr/peregrinari

Carbon trading in the Asian Century: China’s ETS on track

In the United Nation’s annual climate change conference held in Doha last December, delegates from 194 countries came together at the last minute to extend the Kyoto Protocol. The Protocol is a legally…
Road traffic is a threat to Tasmania’s few health devils - increased truck traffic in the Tarkine won’t help. Rhys Allen

Tarkine mines could be last straw for Tasmanian devils

Just a week before Christmas, Environment Minister Tony Burke approved Shree Minerals’ mine near Temma in the Tarkine region of north-west Tasmania. Perhaps he hoped the announcement would get lost in…
No one really wants to think about getting old, or about how climate change will affect us. But we can prepare for both. kamshots/Flickr

Who wants to prepare for the future?

For most of us, preparing for the future means having a retirement fund and health coverage, choosing our preferred tree change or sea change option and keeping on the good side of the relatives who will…
Instead of relying on unconditional government largess, car companies in Australia should be asked to provide guarantees. AAP

Moving the car industry debate beyond a squabble over subsidies

A famous quote from Albert Einstein states that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity. Yet this is exactly what has occurred in the car industry which has…
Italy is in an economic and political mess, with or without the leadership of Mario Monti (pictured), who announced his resignation this week. AAP

Exit the technocrat, enter the populist? Europe braces for next act in Italian drama

For a little longer than a year, the “technical” government of Mario Monti was supported by a vast and heterogeneous coalition: the centre-right People of Freedom Party of Silvio Berlusconi (PDL), the…
As any barramundi fisher will tell you, northern Australia’s water isn’t going to waste. Justin Friend

Someone is already using northern Australia’s water: wildlife

With increasing pressure on Australia’s water resources, many have looked to northern Australia to provide water for agriculture, urban development and other human needs. Much of northern Australia is…
If information is everywhere, then how can we learn? Technology image from

Education in the information age: is technology making us stupid?

The pub argument is dead. Google killed it with a little help from your smartphone. Instead of long fought debates about who’s right and who’s wrong, an answer is nearly always within easy reach. With…
The IEA has made a sketchy prediction that the United States is to be the world’s biggest oil producer within five years. Zoe52/Flickr

Oil, oil everywhere: but still no such thing as US energy independence

The United States will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s leading oil producer by about 2017 and will become a net oil exporter by 2030, the International Energy Agency (IEA) [recently predicted](](…
To know if the Basin Plan is working, we need to know what results we’re aiming for. savelakebonney/flickr

Watch the water - keeping an eye on the Murray-Darling

Will the Murray-Darling Basin Plan put an end to a century of squabbling? It’s unlikely. There are already those who suggest the water going back to the river isn’t enough, the rivers need more. And of…

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