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Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is proud to stand as a leader in medical and scientific training, biomedical research and patient care.

Icahn School of Medicine attracts outstanding scientists, clinicians and students, all of whom share a deep commitment to expanding biomedical knowledge, providing expert clinical care and serving the community.

Working in close partnership with The Mount Sinai Hospital, the Icahn School of Medicine serves one of the most diverse and complex patient populations in the world.


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In low-resource settings many patients cannot access the tests they need for accurate diagnosis, treatment and a chance of survival. Here, patients wait in the Edna Adan University Hospital in Somalia, 2010. (Shutterstock)

The desperate global need for medical diagnostics

The World Health Organization has made bold progress by including many tests for non-communicable diseases on its new 'Essential Diagnostics List.'
The victims of civil war doctors are trying to help. Manu Brabo/AP

Doctors on the frontline: we are targets in Syria’s civil war

We don’t know the exact details of why Abbas Khan, the British surgeon who died while in custody, was arrested last November at a regime checkpoint in Syria and imprisoned and tortured, or the manner of…
Taking sides: medical targets in Syria threaten medical neutrality. Dominic Lipinski/PA

Preventing medical help has become a new form of warfare

New York Times columnist Nick Kristof recently nominated Syria as the world capital of human suffering. He has a point. It’s not just the bombs, bullets, and now gas rained down upon the civilian population…

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