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Professor Morgan Pratchett surveys bleached corals on Australia’s GBR. Cassy Thompson, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

Coral Bleaching Taskforce: more than 1,000 km of the Great Barrier Reef has bleached

Bleaching has hit a huge swathe of the Great Barrier Reef, with many corals in the reef's remote northern reaches now expected to die as a result of warm waters linked to this summer's El Niño.
Major development banks are funding logging, mining and infrastructure projects that are having enormous impacts on nature. Here, forests are being razed along a newly constructed road in central Amazonia. William Laurance

Development banks threaten to unleash an infrastructure tsunami on the environment

Big new investors such as the Asian Infrastructure Development Bank are key players in a worldwide infrastructure, and that could be bad news for the environment.
Aboriginal groups need to play an active part in Aboriginal health to ensure we get it right. Dan Peled/AAP

How to reform primary health care to close the gap

How can primary health networks work closely with Aboriginal services to ensure health care is appropriate and culturally competent?
Land clearing rates in Queensland tripled since 2010. Martin Taylor

Queensland land clearing is undermining Australia’s environmental progress

Land clearing in Queensland has tripled in the past five years.
Une exploitation de pulpe de bois à Sumatra (Indonésie). William Laurance

Forêts mondiales : cinq situations à suivre de près

De la sécheresse alimentée par El Niño au ralentissement des économies brésiliennes et chinoises, que réservent les mois qui viennent pour les zones forestières ?

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