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The Kimberley Institute Limited is a not for profit organisation conceived in 2006 by local Kimberley leaders who recognised the need for the establishment of an independent think tank which could assist and facilitate core activities relating to:

undertaking and applying research

developing and analysing policy

undertaking and supporting political engagement

seeking and supporting partnerships for outcomes.

After extensive cross-sector consultations, KI was established in 2008 in Broome, Western Australia. Since its inception, KI has facilitated and managed the implementation of a number of capacity and value-building research projects through ongoing collaborative partnerships in areas of significant international, national and local importance. This work, in addition to practical and capacity building support of community-based organisations provided by KI- occurs within the vision of building an inclusive regional society which supports the social, cultural, spiritual and economic wellbeing of Kimberley people.


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The Yawuru Wellbeing Survey highlights the integral role of connectedness in Yawuru having mabu liyan as the key to a good life. John Puertollano, used with permission

Community wellbeing best measured from the ground up: a Yawuru example

How we think about wellbeing depends on where we come from, who we are and our experiences and aspirations. One study took account of this by involving Yawuru people in every aspect of the research.

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