Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority is a Western Australian State Government authority. It was formed in 1999, following the proclamation of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority Act 1998 and Regulations 1999. The two major incentives for this new Act were to update legislation that had been operating for the management of Kings Park and Botanic Garden by the Kings Park Board since 1895 and to provide legislation for the Authority to manage other designated lands, such as Bold Park (which was declared an A class reserve in August 1998).


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Banksia woodlands are home to thousands of plant species. Rob Davis

EcoCheck: Perth’s Banksia woodlands are in the path of the sprawling city

The Banksia woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain are home to thousands of species, many unique. But they are gradually being swallowed by Perth, one of the world's most sprawling cities.
Diverse is nice, but sometimes bigger is better. Flickr/Global Crop Diversity Trust

Seed banking at a size that matters

Since we realised we were on the brink of a global extinction crisis in the 1980s, seed banks have emerged as powerful tools to protect species. Most banks focus on biodiversity, which means a range of…

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