Korea University

Korea University consists of the Anam Campus (in Seoul), Sejong Campus (in Sejong Special Self-Governing City) and three auxiliary hospitals (Anam Hospital: Seongbuk-district in, Seoul, Guro Hospital: Guro-district in Seoul, Ansan Hospital: Ansan-city in Gyeonggi Province).

The total number of students is 35,446, including 28,077 on the Anam Campus (Undergraduate: 19,017, Graduate: 9,060) and 7,369 on the Sejong Campus (Undergraduate: 6,498, Graduate: 871). Among the Anam Campus students, 1,785 (6.36%) are international students. The total number of international students in language, exchange and training programs stands at 2,716.

The total number of faculty members is 4,977, including 4,360 on the Anam Campus (Full-time: 1,456, Part-time: 2,904) and 617 on the Sejong Campus (Full-time: 240, Part-time: 377). Of this number, 112 (6.60%) of the full-time faculty are international.


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