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La Trobe University was established in 1964. It takes a brave, bold approach to higher education and delivers socially responsible, inclusive, relevant and radical teaching, learning and research. La Trobe University is also a leading provider of regional higher education in Australia.


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Australians have started worrying about how happy their meat cows are - but are they worrying enough to stop eating them? Jon Bragg

Health, environment and animal welfare - a recipe for peak meat

I sponsor two pigs. Emma and Eliza were runaway pigs. They escaped from a farm in Tasmania and live now happily in a farm sanctuary north of Melbourne. Needless to say that I don’t eat pigs, or any other…
Muslim democrat Mohammed Morsi with protesters following the Mubarak verdict last weekend. EPA

The irresistible rise of Muslim democrats in the Middle East

Whatever the outcome of the Egyptian presidential runoff scheduled for 16-17 June, Middle Eastern electoral politics are now conforming to a remarkable rule. When elections are held in a free and fair…
Irrigation infrastructure, buy-backs, environmental flows, agricultural communities: lobbyists will say anything to win the Murray-Darling war of lies. Eco Images Pty Ltd

Lies, dam lies and water plans: the MDB Plan and the states

When the water planning process for the Murray-Darling Basin first commenced, an experienced colleague of mine noted that this was shaping up to be a lying contest between farmers and environmentalists…
Anything tastes good when it’s cooked in a pie. Even kidneys. Jo Carter

Have some guts and help the environment

I invited some friends to dinner recently for a little heart to heart. Little did they know, that I was being literal. For my guests that night, I served lamb heart stew. Offal. The word is enough to turn…
A mass grave is formed in Houla. EPA

Syria: truth, lies and realpolitik

After a longish lull, the ghastly images emanating from Houla have re-focused world attention on Syria and its rapidly deteriorating internal condition, as Mat Hardy pointed out on The Conversation yesterday…
Non-Indigenous Australians should say sorry because they feel sympathy for the plight of the Stolen Generations, not because it was their fault. butupa

‘Sorry’ isn’t the hardest word, so say it for the Stolen Generations

As we are about to mark the 14th National Sorry Day and the fourth since the National Apology was delivered by former prime minister Kevin Rudd, I can’t help but wonder if much has changed since the days…

Sex cells: sperm that crawl instead of swim

I have recently learnt that human sperm don’t swim, they crawl. Who knew? This actually makes sense, once you think about it, despite all the videos and cartoons that depict sperm swimming. Our internal…
Kate Willetts, Aug 28 2008, the first woman to receive the world’s first cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil. AAP

Australia can beat virus-related cancers if we only show the will

Australia has had a pioneering role in the discoveries that underpin our understanding that some cancers can be caused by infectious agents. But we still face many problems that could be solved if we only…
Penny Wong’s rare moment of sincerity on Q&A betrayed the paucity of Australia’s political commentary. ABC

Penny Wong, Joe Hockey and the dire state of political punditry

If there is a turning point in the Australian debate on same-sex marriage it may well be Penny Wong’s remarkable grace and honesty when answering Joe Hockey on last night’s Q&A. Wong was asked by host…
Barack Obama has sent a message to same-sex attracted people everywhere: “I’m in your corner”. ABC News

Barack speaks out on gay marriage … Julia, are you listening?

This morning my phone woke me earlier than usual with a text from one of my sons, who regularly taps into American politics in the middle of the night. “Obama has come out for gay marriage – how about…

Miracle birth thrills Tallangatta locals

We have had an exciting birth in our household. A stick insect hatched! My husband Geoff is a teacher who has been lucky enough to participate in a program with the Melbourne Zoo to rescue an endangered…
Religious groups claim “ex-gay” therapies have scientific merit. flickr/michael keith photography

Praying the gay away: when religion hijacks science

It’s been decades since electroshock therapy or other psychiatric interventions were routinely employed to “treat” homosexuality. These days, reparative therapy is more popular. It involves a combination…

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