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La Trobe University was established in 1964. It takes a brave, bold approach to higher education and delivers socially responsible, inclusive, relevant and radical teaching, learning and research. La Trobe University is also a leading provider of regional higher education in Australia.


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China’s government has made a massive investment in research, and student funding. Australia can learn a lot. AFP/Information Services Department

Keeping up with the Joneses: Why Australia is falling behind the neighbours on higher education

In recent weeks two commentary strands have intertwined and are extremely important to Australia’s future, and with special resonance for the higher education sector. Beginning with the announcement of…
Scientists are driven by an urge to explain mysteries, describe phenomena and solve problems. nigel_appleton

What’s a scientist – a poker or a puffin?

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: What unites a geologist, a biologist, an astrophysicist and a chemist? Dr Susan Lawler explains. What’s a scientist? Let me tell you a story. A couple of decades ago, I was catching…
Soccer fans in NSW in 2005 after a disturbance between supporters of rival teams. AAP

A-League fans: don’t label them football hooligans

The late Johnny Warren deftly described some Australians’ attitude to football as being a game for “sheilas, wogs, and poofters”. Whilst public interest has increased markedly following successive World…
Solomon Island women were excluded from the peace-making process after the civil war. AAP Image/Lloyd Jones

Excluded: The forgotten women of war and peace

There is a profound silence in conflict. Women’s voices are absent. They are excluded from decision-making and peace processes across the world’s trouble spots. This exclusion not only perpetuates political…
Australia would do better to shed light on Indian affairs. Media coverage of the country is dominated by corruption scandals, terrorism or cultural festivals like Diwali. EPA/Sanjeev Gupta

Connection with India vital to Australia’s future

CHOGM As Julia Gillard chairs the Commonwealth Heads of Government in Perth, she would do well to pay special attention to her Indian colleague at the table, Vice-President Hamid Ansari. Brian Stoddart…
Microbial fuel cells: a bit of mud or sewage, a few bacteria and, bingo: electricity. engineering for change

Mud power: how bacteria can turn waste into electricity

When you read the word “bacteria” you probably think about illness, advertisements for “probiotic” food supplements, and maybe about brushing your teeth. Chances are, you probably don’t think about electricity…
Group therapy programs aim to counter the influence of these images and reduce body dissatisfaction. Flickr/jaimelondonboy

Feel manipulated? Anxious? Tune out the hype and learn to love your body

Welcome to part three of The science behind weight loss, a Conversation series in which we separate the myths about dieting from the realities of exercise and nutrition. Here, Professor Susan Paxton, from…
Bryce Lawrence is one of the Rugby World Cup referees who has won few friends in the tournament. AFP/Marty Melville

Rugby World Cup a lottery amid refereeing chaos

RUGBY WORLD CUP – The Wallabies may have the consolation of winning third place in tournament, but their progress has been far from controversial. The Rugby World Cup has been plagued by accusations of…
The Pharmacy Guild has a deal that encourages pharmacists to sign up patients to Pzifer’s support programs. Marcus Q

One wrong foot after another: the ethics of the Pharmacy Guild’s deals

First it was the Pharmacy Guild’s deal with Blackmores that raised ethical concerns. Now it’s the Guild and Pfizer. Both deals involve undisclosed payments from drug companies to Guild subsidiaries to…
Slovakian Prime Minister Iveta Radikova’s government was a political victim of the continuing Euro debt crisis. AAP

Slovakian political crisis highlights fragility of Eurozone debt solution

The Central European country of Slovakia has finally ratified the EU bailout fund – but not before its initial refusal caused a spill of the Slovakian government and highlighted the deep political divisions…
Julia Gillard could play a pivotal role in ensuring Asia’s security, and improve Australia’s economy in the process. AFP/Minoru Iwasaki

Australia in Asia: How to keep the peace and ensure regional security

AUSTRALIA IN ASIA: In the second of our series Nick Bisley of La Trobe University examines the responsibilities Australia must take on to ensure security in Asia. Asia’s economic powerhouses are booming…
The Pharmacy Guild is promoting a range of Blackmores products as prescription “companions”. Flickr/Angelina

Pharmacies to push supplements as ‘fries and Coke’ to prescriptions

Pharmacists are among the most trusted professions in Australia, regularly coming in the top ten of the annual Reader’s Digest survey alongside paramedics, fire fighters, pilots and assorted medical professionals…
A GST exemption on basic food was a political argument, not economic, and should be reviewed. AAP

Tax Forum: the GST exemption should come off food

It is a shame that the GST is off the menu at October’s Tax Forum, because one of its central tenets – the exemption of basic food and beverages – deserves to be debated again. The exemption is basically…

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