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Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is an Australian university with an emphasis on real-world courses and applied research. Based in Brisbane with strong global connections, it has 40,000 students, including 6,000 from overseas.


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Businesses are weighing up the costs of queuing and using innovative ways to do away with queues, or at least make the perceptions of waiting less painful. Michal Parzuchowski/Unsplash

Fed up with always being in the slow queue? That’s why queues are being ‘designed out’

Businesses are weighing up the costs of queuing and using innovative ways to minimise these costs by doing away with queues.
Announced on May 15 2018, the government’s Research Investment Strategy directs $1.9 billion towards hard infrastructure. Kelly Barnes/AAP

What was missing in Australia’s $1.9 billion infrastructure announcement

"Soft" infrastructure includes the services, policies or practices that keep academic research working and open. Without a funded, coordinated national approach the private sector may take control.
Teachers come to adopt a design thinking mindset through a combination of design experience, professional development and ongoing support. Author provided

How design thinking can help teachers collaborate

The recently released Gonski report contains a recommendation to supporting teacher collaboration. Researchers in Queensland have been conducting research on how design thinking can foster this.
Image faite par la superposition de deux images l’une obtenue par microscopie de fluorescence et l’autre par microscopie à balayage électronique montrant comment les îlots (fluorescents en vert) sont maintenus par les puits de notre boîte à œufs.

Une « boîte à œufs » pour transporter des cellules capables de guérir le diabète

Les médecins savent transplanter les cellules du pancréas d’un donneur à leur patient, mais pas les transporter sans dommage. En Australie, une équipe vient d’inventer un contenant protecteur.
Puffer jackets and vests have become the popular choice of winter coat for many, but at what cost to the environment, ducks and factory workers? from www.shutterstock.com

Sustainable shopping: where to find a puffer jacket that doesn’t warm the Earth

The puffer jacket has become an iconic staple of many people's winter wardrobe. Here are some ways to shop for yours in the most eco-friendly and ethical way.

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