RCSI CyberPsychology Research Centre

It is proposed that the CyberPsychology Research Centre in the RCSI Institute of Leadership will be a centre of excellence. CyberPsychology is a rapidly evolving discipline at the leading edge of human/technology interaction. Currently, there is no such dedicated facility anywhere in the world, our Centre will be at the forefront of an important new international field that has major implications for healthcare delivery, public safety, education and personal and community development.

The Centre’s research will initially focus on the key areas of Child Safety Online, Personal Cybersecurity, Cyberbullying, Human Trafficking & Technology and Leadership Online, while developing partnerships between academia, government, law enforcement and industry.


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Slow motion version. Sevitz

#neknomination: the internet has changed drinking games

Neknomination seems to have begun as a UK university phenomenon in 2012, but more recently burst into wider public consciousness in Australia, then South Africa and Canada. It has also been tragically…

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