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Anak-anak di Pantai Palipis, Mandar, Sulawesi Barat, membaca buku yang dibawa perahu pustaka Pattingalloang, yang termasuk dalam jaringan Pustaka Bergerak. Urwa/Pustaka Bergerak

Semangat membaca di pelosok menantang anggapan minat baca rendah

Media dan tokoh-tokoh di Indonesia kerap menuduh masyarakat Indonesia memiliki minat baca rendah. Tetapi pengalaman komunitas literasi yang membawa buku ke pelosok berkata lain.
School children read books at Palipis beach in Mandar, West Sulawesi. The books were brought by library boat. Pattingalloang, which was part of a network of moving libraries called Pustaka Bergerak. Urwa/Pustaka Bergerak

Disadvantaged Indonesians defy the perception that they’re not interested in reading

Indonesian politicians and public figures say Indonesians have a low interest in reading. But people in disadvantaged areas defy this perception; they always welcome new books with joy.

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