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RMIT is a global university of technology and design. Founded in 1887, it is now the nation’s largest tertiary institution, with 82,000 students. RMIT has three Melbourne campuses, two campuses in Vietnam and a centre in Barcelona, Spain, and significant partnerships in Hong Kong, mainland China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. RMIT is a leader in technology, design, global business, communication, global communities, health solutions and urban sustainable futures, and is ranked in the top 100 for engineering and technology in the 2010 QS World University Rankings.


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How many versions of the internet do we need? At least two, for the sake of security. hdzimmermann.

The internet is insecure – let’s build a better one, fast

A few days ago, senior FBI official Shawn Henry called for the creation of a new and secure “alternative internet” to secure key infrastructure and financial systems. He assessed the process of connecting…
Self-regulation of newspapers can lead to a conflict of interest. AAP/William West

Independent media inquiry: self-regulation key to freedom of press

The Gillard Government has announced it will hold an inquiry into the state of the Australian print media. One of the key elements investigated will be the role of the Australian Press Council, the self-regulatory…
Creators of a new “red light” suffix hope to put porn in its proper place. Julian Smith/AAP

.xxx domain – a new way to look at pornography

This month’s launch of the .xxx internet domain, a new section of the internet dedicated to pornography and erotica, is getting people hot and bothered. The global body coordinating internet addresses…
West Coast Eagles player Patrick McGinnity has been suspended after making comments about another player’s mother. AAP

The mother of all headaches: culture change in the AFL

AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou constantly reminds us that women love Aussie Rules and that the AFL returns that respect and allegiance. The key expression of this regard, the AFL’s Respect and Responsibility…
A year four slump can be avoided if children are given the tools to read when very young. Flickr/Éole

As easy as ABC: the way to ensure children learn to read

Human speech has long been present in every culture, and our brains have evolved specialized features to enable its rapid development when we are exposed to the speech of others. Reading however is a relatively…
Australia was shocked when the city of Canberra burned, but are we better prepared now? AAP

As the climate shifts, are Australian cities ready?

Climate change challenges some of the fundamental assumptions on which our cities have been built. Within a generation or two, a city like Sydney may become exposed to a climate that is more similar to…
The US must “choose between bankruptcy, raising taxes and cutting payouts”. AAP

Not China, not S&P: why the US has only itself to blame

If the United States thought it could stave off its day of reckoning, it was wrong. Standard & Poor’s prompt downgrade of US credit worthiness late Friday sent stock markets worldwide into a nosedive…
Stock markets around the world plummeted after news of the US credit rating downgrade (EPA/FRANK RUMPENHORST)

Debt dive: why is the US at the mercy of anonymous credit agencies?

Without the firing of a single shot in anger, a country has been, at least in a sense, brought to its economic knees. The capitalist system, with variations and aberrations, is now reacting. Shares are…
Finding the right road to adaptation is a complicated business. Shrek Graham/Flickr

Adapting to climate change: how will we learn to do it?

Looking back over recent years, it is possible to trace a shifting focus of scientific and political attention in the debate on climate change. First, we identified human-induced forcing of climate change…
The lawyer for the self-confessed Norway killer, Anders Breivik will enter a plea of insanity AFP photo/Facebook - Youtube.

The lone mad man? Breivik’s lunacy label stops vital questions

Societies, if we are to take the Freudian line, prefer to subordinate chaotic urges in favour of dull order. Civilization implies stability. By the nineteenth century, human society was digesting a range…

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