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RMIT is a global university of technology and design. Founded in 1887, it is now the nation’s largest tertiary institution, with 82,000 students. RMIT has three Melbourne campuses, two campuses in Vietnam and a centre in Barcelona, Spain, and significant partnerships in Hong Kong, mainland China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. RMIT is a leader in technology, design, global business, communication, global communities, health solutions and urban sustainable futures, and is ranked in the top 100 for engineering and technology in the 2010 QS World University Rankings.


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The suspected killer, Anders Behring Breivik’s extreme views motivated his twin attacks on Norway AFP/Facebook.

Norway killings a sign of extremism on the rise in Europe

As the self-confessed perpetrator of the Norway attacks, Anders Behring Breivik is due to face court today, The Conversation spoke with Dr Binoy Kampmark, lecturer in Global Studies at RMIT about whether…
Not so taxing: Bernard Tomic’s decision to reside in Monaco means he avoids paying tax. AAP

A taxing question: does Tomic qualify as an Australian hero?

BUSINESS OF SPORT: Australia is renowned for a sporting prowess that is remarkable for its population. Australians love their sporting heroes, from footballers to international tennis stars. Many Australians…
Julia Gillard claims Peabody’s $5bn bid shows international confidence in the coal industry’s future. AAP

Peabody’s bid for Macarthur Coal is hardly a carbon tax endorsement

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has claimed that US-based Peabody Energy’s $5bn takeover bid for Queensland’s Macarthur Coal represents an endorsement for the government’s carbon tax. But does Peabody’s bid…
Could “antiusability” be incorporated into gaming machines? awwstin

Want to curb problem gambling? Make pokies harder to play

GAMBLING IN AUSTRALIA – Addiction to gaming machines (or “pokies”) is of growing concern in Australian society. In Victoria alone there are 30,000 of these hi-tech poker machines with many in suburban…
Imagine a world where spam didn’t exist. It isn’t hard to do. AJC1

You’ve got mail – how to stop spam and reduce cyber crime

We’ve all received them: emails offering special prices on Viagra, offering fortunes we didn’t know we had, offering links to fantastic websites we simply must visit right away. Annoying as! But the technology…
Not too big to fail: the Basel III doesn’t solve some fundamental problems of Basel II. AAP

Why Basel III won’t protect banks from another global crisis

The global financial crisis revealed the inadequacy of Basel II capital requirements for banks and exposed its loopholes. As a result, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has come up with…
The average Australian gamer is now more than 30 years old. RodrigoFavera

Video game classification? It’s time we all grew up

After many years of debate and deliberation Australia might finally be about to receive an R18+ rating for video games. On July 21 and 22 the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) meeting will…
Abu Bakar Bashir is driven away from court after being sentenced to 15 years in jail. AAP

Abu Bakar Bashir’s sentence: why only 15 years?

Radical Indonesian Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir was yesterday sentenced to 15 years in jail for supporting and sponsoring terrorism. RMIT Associate Professor Jeff Lewis, an Indonesia expert, tells The…
An oil extraction project in Canada – a country absent from the Productivity Commission’s carbon report. AAP

An emissions reduction policy beyond comparison?

One of the most basic questions to ask in any analysis of Australia’s carbon policy has always been: what is the rest of the world doing? Last week, the Productivity Commission (PC) published a partial…
Australian cities have a long history of living up close. nicksarebi/Flickr

Planning to fail: the worst of urban worlds

This will be the century of urbanisation, when seven billion of almost 10 billion people will live in urban settlements. In Australia our urban sprawl is consuming land at a per capita rate that few countries…
Majak Daw has been praised for his measured reaction to racist abuse.

Racism in footy is not as bad as you may think

This week the media in AFL states have been discussing racist comments made by members of crowds at Australian Rules games. Sudanese-born North Melbourne rookie Majak Daw was racially abused while playing…
Australia struggles to keep up in the efficiency race. Flickr/adambowie

Australia ignores energy efficiency, burns money

Energy efficiency is globally seen as the biggest and best option for cheaply reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dealing with rising power bills. But in Australia it still struggles for recognition…
Helping children recognise the sounds in words can improve their reading ability. Pratham Books/Flickr

Sounding off about teaching children to read

There are two main approaches to teaching children to read. Phonics, involves teaching children to recognise combinations of characters and establish the meanings of words based on combining them. The…
Treasurer Wayne Swan supervises journalists examining his budget. His tax plans are a “fiscal illusion”. AAP/Andrew Taylor

The trouble with ‘taxeaters’ (aka middle-class welfare recipients)

Thinking about tax policy gives individuals the opportunity to devise their own “great society”. As economics laureate James Buchanan explains “Many economists, along with other social scientists and social…
It’s much-maligned, but Melbourne’s bike share scheme has the right idea. avlxyz/flickr

Sustainable design, consumption and change

There’s been a boom in sustainable products and packaging from keep cups to green bags - but how important is sustainable design in reducing our global footprint? Sustainable design can play a critical…
Victoria Police leave the inquest into the shooting death of Tyler Cassidy. AAP

Shoot first, spin later is the wrong approach for Victoria Police

This week two men were shot by members of Victoria Police. One on the street in St Kilda, the other in a Centrelink office in Windsor. The first was killed, the second seriously injured. Police media spokespersons…

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