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The Sax Institute is an independent, non-profit organisation whose mission is to improve health, health services and programs by increasing the use of research in policy making. We aim to be the bridge between health researchers and policy makers, giving each the tools to work more closely together for the health benefit of all Australians.

Our objectives are to improve policy makers’ access to existing research, generate new research for use in policy and to develop and test innovative new ways to increase the use of research evidence in policy making.

Our membership spans 37 public health and health services research groups and their universities.


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Health is one of the nine Science and Research Priorities announced by hte government. Sapol Chairatkaewcharoen/Shutterstock

Research priority: make Australia’s health system efficient, equitable and integrated

Australia spends around 10% of GDP on health, so it's imperative that our research strategies also generate economic benefits.
Australian health policy and public health campaigns – and the research that underpins them – leading the world in achievements. Penny Clay/AAP

Health research: making the dollars count

This week’s release of the NSW Health and Medical Research Strategic Review identifies many opportunities to strengthen research and ensure the community extracts the maximum possible benefit from its…

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