Sciences Po is one of France’s most independent institutions of higher education, with greater autonomy than the grandes écoles and universities. Decisions are taken by Boards with broad sovereign powers.

40% of the 9,000 Sciences Po students come from 50 countries outside France. Over 1,000 Sciences Po students are spending a year abroad or engaged in an international internship as part of their studies every year. 350 universities have signed a student and academic exchange agreement with Sciences Po.

Sciences Po’s educational programmes have a strong international dimension thanks to multi-lingual teaching and the comparative and international perspectives of the courses. The seven Sciences Po undergraduate campuses are places of strong international integration. The third year abroad is the culmination of this fundamentally international education. Double degrees at master’s level reflect Sciences Po’s international stature and its status as one of the top world universities.


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He talks, they listen. Stefan Rousseau/PA

Ed Miliband’s leadership rests on personality politics

The Labour Party has started bringing forward policies for 2015, and not a moment too soon. The time for policy reviews, which really were more like a synopsis of contemporary social theory than reviews…
This presidency has not even an hour for a honeymoon period. EPA Guillaume Horcajuelo

No more Mr Normal: Francois Hollande must change his style

So what of the winner of the recent presidential elections on 6 May in France? Francois Hollande celebrated his victory in his adopted local region, Tulle, not in flashy Paris. Hollande claims to want…

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