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Saint Louis University is a Catholic, Jesuit institution with campuses in St. Louis, Missouri and Madrid, Spain that welcomes students of all faiths and no faith. SLU values academic excellence, life-improving research, compassionate health care, and a strong commitment to serving others. For nearly 200 years, the University has gone beyond teaching facts and figures; we motivate students to form their own opinions and to discover their true identities. Today, SLU is home to nearly 14,000 students, approximately 750 of whom study in Madrid, seeking to mold their lives into something more meaningful.

We believe that SLU-Madrid offers you an ideal multicultural environment in which to discover what the world will offer you so that you can prepare your contribution to our globalized future.


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Luego de la dictadura, los ciudadanos argentinos han vigilado los derechos humanos y defendido la democracia, siempre con el lema de ‘Nunca mas’. Ministerio de Cultura de Argentina/flickr

Furia en Argentina despues del juicio que da indulto a un criminal de la Guerra Sucia

Los argentinos están decididos a no perdonar ni olvidar a los criminales que mataron o desaparecieron a más de 30,000 personas.

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