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The University of Queensland, established in 1910, is the largest university in Queensland. UQ is a pace-setter in discovery and translational research, and is committed to teaching excellence and outstanding mentorship that leads to well-rounded graduates who are equipped to live and work effectively in a global environment.


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Habitat of the Eastern Curlew along its migratory pathway in east Asia is rapidly being reclaimed for development. Dean Ingwersen

The numbers are in: Australia must do more to protect migratory birds

Australia is a signed up member of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and a strong supporter of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Both these global programs are trying to reduce the rate…
The NHMRC’s draft statement on homeopathy is too narrow. Flirkc/kh1234567890

Homeopathy isn’t unethical, it’s just controversial

The ethics of homeopathy was once again thrust into the spotlight yesterday after a leaked draft of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s statement on homeopathy revealed the agency was considering…
The giants of mining are moving towards the unmanned extraction of the earth’s resources. AAP/EPA/Christian Sprogoe

Robots, red dust, and the future of mining towns

Automation and remote operation are set to transform Australian mining. It makes sense: automation can address labour shortages as the industry expands, reduce costs and improve productivity, health and…
The audit profession has been blamed for contributing to major corporate collapses, the global financial crisis and most recently, the Greek debt crisis. AAP

Europe considers tighter audit reins, but Australian experience indicates need to be wary

The audit profession has received consistently bad press in recent years. Audit independence, or rather the lack of it, has been blamed as a contributing factor in some of the major corporate collapses…

Correcting errors in public debate

In August last year I wrote an article in The Conversation, titled Drowning out the truth about the Great Barrier Reef. Several weeks ago News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt emailed me to object to a brief…
We should be investigating all options if we’re serious about reducing emissions. saturdave/Flickr

Don’t dismiss nuclear, whatever the political difficulties

Australia aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 5% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 (compared with 2000 levels). This will be achieved by substituting renewable energy and gas for coal and adopting carbon capture…
Wayne Swan outlined his economic vision for Australia at the National Press Club today. AAP/Alan Porritt

Sorry Clive Palmer, Wayne Swan’s vision is better for Australia

Australians are in a unique place today – we are witnessing our democracy being called to account. The nature of Australian democracy is being debated by on the one hand, its Treasurer and on the other…
Why do we care so much about the origin of brutalised cows? librarianidol/Flickr

Live exports controversy: what makes a cow Australian?

New footage recently aired on ABC has again brought to our attention the plight of cattle in Indonesian abattoirs. Scenes of cattle being poked, stabbed, and slaughtered without appropriate equipment has…
Queenslanders don’t like coal seam gas, but a smart government could change all that. AAP

First job for the new Queensland government: fix coal seam gas

Three little words strike fear into the heart of at least 40% of Queenslanders: coal seam gas. These three seemingly innocuous words have managed to divide a state, and become the hottest topic in the…

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