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The University of Queensland, established in 1910, is the largest university in Queensland. UQ is a pace-setter in discovery and translational research, and is committed to teaching excellence and outstanding mentorship that leads to well-rounded graduates who are equipped to live and work effectively in a global environment.


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Does homosexuality have something to offer everyone? marlin harm/Flickr

Best of mates: why ‘gay genes’ are a good fit for Darwin

Sexual orientation has long been cause for discussion and controversy, but just where does our sexual orientation come from? Are people “born gay” or are environmental causes at play? Historically, many…
Poor regulation overseas has set the stage for disaster. AAP

Better coal seam gas regulation needed to keep Australia safe

The last week has seen the Australian coal seam gas (CSG) industry come under increasing scrutiny. Triggered by a gas explosion in the Darling Downs in Queensland, and legal action against BHP in the US…
Coal seam gas drilling threatens our most arable land. «Jonny Boy»/flickr

Coal seam gas a risk to food security

Coal seam gas has been touted by some as the answer to our addiction to dirty coal. It’s marketed as a “transition fuel” that will ween us off fossil fuels as we move to renewable energy. But the process…
Women’s orgasms might be as useful as male nipples. ex animø/Flickr

Female orgasm: why O why?

Why do women have orgasms? That may seem like a strange question, but it’s one which has perplexed scientists for decades and provoked fiery academic debates along the way. The real question is: what is…
How many more people do we need to plan for? emmettanderson/Flickr

The need for a comprehensive vision for Australia’s population

On May 13 2011, the federal government released its eagerly awaited population strategy, Sustainable Australia – Sustainable Communities. But in avoiding population projections, the strategy is selling…
The Cancer Council’s alcohol abstinence message isn’t helpful. flickr/MrTinDC

Ignore the scaremongers – a drink (or two) is alright

The marketing of public health messages can bear some disturbing similarities to the way the tobacco, alcohol and food industries go about promoting their products. Recent suggestions by the Cancer Council…
It’s synch or swim time for one of the country’s leading facilities.

Australian Synchrotron: scientific marvel, political puzzle

The funding woes of the Australian Synchrotron – a landmark scientific research facility located in Melbourne – have made news in recent weeks. How can such a fabulous resource, with such potential to…
Pharmacists should be able to prescribe and dispense some medicines. AAP

Pharmacists under-prescribed in sickly health system

“When people get sick or injured or want advice about their health, they want to see a doctor,” Dr Andrew Pesce, AMA President. When people feel sick, have a rash or need advice about an ailment, pharmacists…

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