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The University of Queensland, established in 1910, is the largest university in Queensland. UQ is a pace-setter in discovery and translational research, and is committed to teaching excellence and outstanding mentorship that leads to well-rounded graduates who are equipped to live and work effectively in a global environment.


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It’s synch or swim time for one of the country’s leading facilities.

Australian Synchrotron: scientific marvel, political puzzle

The funding woes of the Australian Synchrotron – a landmark scientific research facility located in Melbourne – have made news in recent weeks. How can such a fabulous resource, with such potential to…
Pharmacists should be able to prescribe and dispense some medicines. AAP

Pharmacists under-prescribed in sickly health system

“When people get sick or injured or want advice about their health, they want to see a doctor,” Dr Andrew Pesce, AMA President. When people feel sick, have a rash or need advice about an ailment, pharmacists…
We import more antibiotics to promote animal growth than treat people. AAP

A game plan to win the coming fight against superbugs

We depend on antibiotics to treat what previously were fatal conditions. But the more we use them, the more the bacteria they fight become resistant to all the weapons in our arsenal. Bacterial resistance…
The Nanopatch has potential to change the way vaccines are delivered. AIBN

Don’t look away, injections could be a thing of the past

A couple of facts: 1) At least 10% of the world’s population are “needle phobic”, which means they’re missing out on being vaccinated and/or have a horror of receiving jabs of any kind. Several studies…
Keeping the space shuttle together is a tremendous feat of engineering. Stan Honda/AFP

The shuttle launch: delayed (but still worth the Endeavour)

The Space Shuttle Endeavour, one of the most complex machines ever created, is about to take its last trip into space. But not just yet. The countdown to Endeavour’s final flight began a few days ago…

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