Uganda Technology and Management University

Vision To be a global educational institution in Technology, Management, Science, Innovation and Research

Mission To provide global quality Education, Research and Innovation critical to economic and human development

Core Values UTAMU is mindful of its strategic future plans and the historic perspective of education in a world that emphasizes nurturing scientists, technologists and innovators who can transform and create new knowledge. Therefore the values of Uganda Technology and Management University are:

Professionalism: making sure that staff and students conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards and taking responsibility of all their actions Creativity: committing to stimulating the culture of scientific and technological advancement, innovation and practical enrichment to our stakeholders through a rich and flexible educational experience Integrity: adhering to ethical and moral principles in all the educational, research and innovation processes Transparency: seeking to provide accountability and value for money to the University’s stakeholders Empowerment: offering unsurpassed practical opportunities to the University’s stakeholders through industry oriented collaborations, research engagements and incubation clusters in order to transform the educational environment Community Engagement: working with the community to solve the real world problems as a focal point towards economic development


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