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Universidad de los Andes

Universidad de los Andes has nine schools: Business Administration, Architecture and Design, Arts and Humanities, Science, Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Engineering, and Medicine. It also has two centers that offer postgraduate programs: the Center for Research and Development in Education (CIFE) and an Interdisciplinary Center for Studies on Development (CIDER). Likewise, Universidad de los Andes has the first private school for public affairs, The Alberto Lleras Camargo School of Government, a tribute to a former president of Colombia, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), and also a former president of our university.


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La mairesse de Bogotá, Claudia López, que l'on voit ici lors de sa cérémonie d'investiture le 1er janvier 2020, a alimenté les discours haineux envers les migrants vénézuéliens par ses déclarations récentes. Photo AP/Ivan Valencia

Comment la Colombie utilise la xénophobie comme bouclier politique

En Colombie comme ailleurs, l’utilisation des minorités comme bouclier politique afin de contrer les perceptions citoyennes sur la détérioration de l’efficacité gouvernementale est monnaie courante.
Julius Nyerere’s ideas and legacy remain objects of debate in contemporary politics, especially in an election year. Getty Images

A contested legacy: Julius Nyerere and the 2020 Tanzanian election

For all of the shortcomings of Nyerere’s regime, his ideas continue to inspire Tanzanians fighting for a more equal and democratic future, over 20 years after his death.
Ana Galvañ / Telos

Tecnología al servicio de las Humanidades: Una mirada latinoamericana

Las Humanidades digitales se forman en el diálogo entre las disciplinas de las humanidades, las ciencias sociales, los medios digitales y la computación. Prometen nuevas formas de acceder, estudiar y divulgar el pasado, la lengua y la cultura humana. Pero el desarrollo del campo implica variados retos en contextos de brechas digitales profundas como es el caso de América Latina.
Woolly monkeys are hard to miss in Colombia’s jungles. Now, they face extinction. Mónica Ramírez

We train Colombian woolly monkeys to be wild again – and maybe save them from extinction

Colombian researchers hope to revive an endangered species by rehabilitating monkeys confiscated from smugglers. The captive animals’ struggles show that survival is not guaranteed.
Homeless residents of El Bronx embrace after a May 2016 raid that displaced thousands, sending some to shelters and others to streets elsewhere in the city. Fernando Vergara/AP

Who are the real targets of Bogota’s crackdown on crime?

Bogota’s mayor wants to make the city ‘better for all,’ but repeated police crackdowns have displaced thousands of homeless Colombians. Are clean streets really more important than human rights?
FARC members passing time, waiting for the peace negociations in a camp in Colombia. John Vizcaino/Reuters

From Peru to Colombia: the silenced voices of women fighters

Women’s involvement in armed conflict in Peru and Colombia has a deep impact on societies. But peace processes and political aftermath rarely recognise their role.


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