Universidad Nacional Experimental de Seguridad (UNES), Venezuela

Venezuela’s National Experimental University of Security (UNES) is a criminology center and training institute founded in 2009. It was created by the government of Hugo Chávez to bring new approaches and innovative research to issues of crime, violence and security in Venezuela. It also serves as Venezuela’s national training center for police officers, firefighters, prison officials, national guard and disaster-response teams. It has 12 campuses across the country.

The UNES is fully funded by the Venezuelan government but has its own independent faculty, board of governors, administration and charter. It offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees and has around 12,500 students.


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Families clashed with security forces outside the police station in Valencia, Venezuela, where nearly 70 prisoners died in a March 28 fire. AP Photo/Juan Carlos Hernandez

Behind the scenes of Venezuela’s deadly prison fire

After a fire killed 66 inmates at a Venezuelan jail in March, news stories portrayed the country's prisons as lawless. The real backstory of this deadly riot is more complex — and maybe a bit scarier.

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