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‘Murió la Verdad’ (Francisco de Goya, Los desastres de la guerra, No. 79, Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, 1863). Wikimedia Commons

Más que fantasmas: la explosión de la literatura fantástica femenina

Un repaso a las escritoras contemporáneas que emplean el género fantástico para reflexionar sobre identidad y subvertir el papel tradicional de la mujer en la sociedad.
Camera trap image of adult female chimpanzee with her offspring in fallow area in Moyamba district of Sierra Leone foraging on oranges. Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Action is needed to save West Africa’s critically endangered chimpanzees

Studies show that West Africa's critically endangered chimpanzees are finding ways of adapting to their rapidly changing habitat, but they still remain highly at risk.
Contrairement aux idées reçues, ce sont les jeunes européens et nord-américains qui sont attirés par le faible coût des études en France. Shutterstock

Mobilités internationales : ce qui incite les étudiants à choisir la France

Est-il vraiment nécessaire d’augmenter les frais d’inscription dans l’enseignement supérieur pour faire reconnaître son excellence, comme le préconise le plan « Bienvenue en France » ?

Comer menos carne contra el cambio climático: una estrategia controvertida y llena de matices

¿De verdad limitar el consumo de productos cárnicos ayudaría a salvar el planeta? 16 investigadores responden a la pregunta.
William Perugini / Shutterstock

¿Cuándo dejamos de ser jóvenes?

La línea que separa la adolescencia de la etapa adulta cada vez está más desdibujada. Las circunstancias socioeconómicas y unas familias demasiado protectoras impiden a los jóvenes "hacerse mayores".
The Coordination of the Azawad Movement at the Algers Peace Accords requested that energy and mineral production be reinvested in northern Mali. EPA

How oil exploration is adding to Mali’s security woes

The ‘war on terror' in Mali is building alongside a growing number of multinationals hoping to extract the oil and gas reserves of the Taoudeni basin, and a strong foreign military presence.
Bolivia’s new mining bill has put the country on a knife-edge. EPA

Indigenous Bolivians are seething over mining reforms

The government of president Evo Morales has approved a new mining law for Bolivia. It received virtually no international news coverage, yet is proving highly divisive within the country. A previous version…
In many cases, first-hand accounts from citizens can be as valuable as reports from official sources. AAP Image/Tony McDonough.

Spread the word: the value of local information in disaster response

As dozens of bushfires continue to burn across the country (not least in New South Wales) many Australians find themselves unable to return home while many others have no home to return to. While we all…
Catalans march though the streets of Barcelona demanding independence. Maria Poblet

Catalonia: independent but united with Europe?

In the biggest rally for Catalan independence ever, an estimated crowd of 1.5 million people flooded the city of Barcelona with red-and-yellow striped flags on Catalonia’s national day, the Diada. Tax…


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