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In 1990 the Canberra College of Advanced Education became the University of Canberra. The University specialises in delivering professional education, with a focus on practical skills, and applied research as well as maintaining links with industry.


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Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan face a significant challenge if they plan to change superannuation. AAP/Alan Porritt

Grattan on Friday: Labor’s super dilemma

Julia Gillard hardly had time for some deep breathing after the cyclone of last week, before her government was hit by fresh buffeting winds. A new round of speculation that the budget would hit superannuation…
The class action against the implant manufacturer has fallen over and despite the TGA’s failings, victims can’t sue the regulator. Ilaria Gallo

Victims of faulty breast implants were let down by the TGA

The announcement this week by plaintiff law firm Tindall Gask Bentley that it was abandoning a class action against the Australian distributors of Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) breast implants illustrates…
Bill Shorten will announce appointments to the Fair Work Commission in an attempt to provide balance as well as legal expertise. AAP/Dave Hunt

Shorten recruits Law Council chief for Fair Work Commission

Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten is bringing private sector legal firepower into the Fair Work Commission, including appointing the President of the Law Council of Australia, Joe Catanzariti as…

International stage a respite for Gillard

Julia Gillard will be among the first heads of government to meet the new leadership when she visits China in just over a week. After the government’s traumas, stepping back onto the international stage…

Gillard seeks safe hands in reshuffle

Julia Gillard’s reshuffle heavily rewards her supporters but also, notably, one senior member of the Rudd cabal. The changes load up senior ministers with extra responsibilities, putting key areas shed…

Former Woodside man the tip for Resources job

Julia Gillard, the adrenalin presumably still pumping, had quite a weekend. On Saturday she attended the wedding of one of her press secretaries, Laura Anderson, outside Byron Bay, an occasion where the…
Kevin Rudd resisted supporters’ pleas to run. AAP/Lukas Coch

Grattan on Friday: Demoralised Labor faces bleak future

An extraordinary orgy of self-destruction has left Labor looking a shambles, with Julia Gillard now facing a reshuffle and an almost impossible task to get her government into fighting form for the September…

All that trouble for a phantom challenge

The Labor party this week has given the impression of losing its collective mind. The Rudd forces over-reached as they tried to get a leadership change before Parliament adjourned for a seven week pre-budget…
Julia Gillard has called a leadership spill for the second time in her prime ministership. AAP/Lukas Coch

Labor leadership challenge: experts respond

Prime minister Julia Gillard has called a ballot for the Labor party leadership at 4:30pm today, at the urging of minister and former leader Simon Crean. Crean has called on Kevin Rudd to step up and nominate…
Kevin Rudd will not stand against Julia Gillard.

Live blog: Michelle Grattan

Michelle Grattan’s live updates on a dramatic day in Canberra. 2:10pm: The federal opposition leader Tony Abbott moves to suspend standing orders for a vote of confidence. The fate of the government in…

A desperate attempt to herd uncool cats

They were the odd mob – a group of crossbenchers who gathered on Tuesday night in the office of Bob Katter, the Queensland maverick with a party bearing his own name. The meeting had been organised by…

Joyce versus Windsor: a battle royal

In one of those strange twists of politics Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce’s ambition to switch to the lower House at this election, which had been apparently thwarted, could now be fulfilled. Joyce…
Counterfeit drugs are an unintended consequence of globalisation. Melanie Tata

Online pharmaceuticals: bricks, not clicks, keep us safe

Antibiotics that are laced with rat faeces and floor polish? Cough syrup that contains more than a dash of antifreeze? Antipsychotics with no pharmacologically active ingredients? Medications for heart…
Silver bullets are elusive when it comes to curbing illegal downloads. aquella manera

Smacking down online piracy – does New Zealand know best?

We know online piracy exists; we know governments want to stop it – but what are the options? Richard Freudenstein, CEO of Australia’s largest pay-TV provider Foxtel, has joined the chorus of entertainment…

Bad chemistry in media battle

The media chiefs expect to have the last word about the government’s plan for a print media watchdog – more poodle than pit bull – and a public interest test to prevent further ownership concentration…

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