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In 1990 the Canberra College of Advanced Education became the University of Canberra. The University specialises in delivering professional education, with a focus on practical skills, and applied research as well as maintaining links with industry.


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Why should freedom of the press trump the right of academics to have their say? Linda Cronin

A vice-chancellor’s defence of academic freedom

There has been much discussion about the role of free speech and a free press since the publication last week of the report from the independent inquiry into the Australian media. The review was conducted…
Google could face fines if it doesn’t address alleged anti-competitive practices. mark knol

The Google ultimatum: Europe has spoken, but what about Australia?

The European Commission (EC) has given Google “a matter of weeks” to address concerns the American search giant has “abused a dominant market position”. The announcement overnight (AEST) follows an 18-month…
Could a Canadian-style class action dent the credibility of homeopathy in Australia? Flickr/kh1234567890

The legal challenge that could stop homeopathy in its tracks

One hundred years of rigorous scientific research hasn’t dented the faith of adherents of homeopathy. The complementary therapy is still centred on the notion that water has a therapeutic “memory” and…
World Health Organisation data suggests less than 10% of the world’s transplantation need is currently met. AAP

Facebook organ donation tool could save thousands of lives

Facebook has introduced a new tool allowing users in Australia to display their organ donation status to their friends, following the introduction of the initiative in the United States and the United…
Murdoch’s “blind eye” on managerial overcommitment – too many media outlets, too little time – is unsurprising. But we need some tough decisions on the balance between media self-regulation and public oversight. AAP

Murdoch and media regulation: blind eyes and broadcasters

What are we going to do about media regulation? This week saw release of the 81 page report of the Convergence Review, an Australian Government document that deals with broadcast regulation and offers…
NDIS Rally in Adelaide, Monday 30th April. Despite the praise of the NDIS, the scheme falls short in some areas. AAP

Proposed disability insurance scheme fails the most vulnerable

On paper, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) proposed by the Productivity Commission looks like a great idea. Through Commonwealth funding, it would provide specialist accommodation, transport…
Seven West Media’s decision to withdraw from the Australian Press Council raises questions about the Australian commercial media’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and best practice. AAP

Self-regulation and a media we can trust?

When the report of the Independent Inquiry into the media and media regulation, aka Finkelstein inquiry, was released some time ago, it was denounced as sinister and – like the Leveson Inquiry in the UK…
Two teams of psychiatric assessors have come to different conclusions about Breivik’s mental state. AAP

Mad or bad? Expert witnesses and the Anders Breivik trial

On July 22, 2011, Norwegian Anders Breivik killed 75 people, as a statement against Norway’s liberal immigration policies. He was a member of an extreme right wing group and a product of a dysfunctional…
Learning an Asian language will change how you think about the world. no_typographic_man

Want to get ahead this century? Learn an Asian language

AUSTRALIA IN THE ASIAN CENTURY – A series examining Australia’s role in the rapidly transforming Asian region. Delivered in partnership with the Australian government. Today, Dr Yuko Kinoshita looks at…
Gillard shines when she is closer to voters, such as at this week’s community cabinet in Paramatta. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Community cabinets could be the cure for Gillard’s communication conundrum

By all accounts, in person Prime Minister Julia Gillard is relaxed, funny, engaging and a good listener. Her ministers say she is tough, masters briefs well, leads, and takes decisions. On top of that…
Their jobs may not be as glamorous as digging up ore or building cars, but public servants’ work on protecting Australia from climate change is even more important. Natural Step Online

Climate change isn’t over yet, so why are we cutting climate change jobs?

Yesterday’s announcement that one-third of jobs in the Department of Climate Change will be cut is yet another step back in the ALP’s half-hearted dance with climate change policy. Former Prime Minister…
News Corporation is facing claims a subsidiary engaged in piracy against pay TV rivals in a bid to destabilise them. AAP

Pay TV piracy claims bring a fresh storm for News Corp

The Australian Financial Review has published allegations that a “secret unit” within Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation undertook a program of piracy against pay television operators in a bid to damage…
Sydney needs sustainable solutions to keep its growing population happy and healthy. Franklin Heijnen

How full is full? Planning Sydney to be big, sustainable and healthy

Australia’s future population is again under the spotlight. The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) has just released a new report on Australian population futures. And focus has sharpened…

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