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Climate change will mean more natural disasters: let’s not be cynical about planning for them. AAP

Emergency Management at the cabinet table long overdue

Much of the commentary surrounding the Prime Minister’s new-look cabinet has focused on the promotion of her loyal lieutenants, Bill Shorten and Mark Arbib, and Nicola Roxon’s elevation to the Attorney-General…
Banks increasingly choose not to follow the lead of Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens on interest rates. AAP

Should banks be compelled to pass on interest rate cuts?

As Reserve Bank of Australia board members gather today to ponder Australia’s cash rate, financial markets are having a bet each way the RBA will cut rates amid the release of data reflecting a softening…
Personal loans should be used to fund major infrastructure projects, like the National Broadband Network. AAP

Want to end the GFC? Put debt to good use

The Global Financial Crisis should be called the Global Debt Crisis. Too much debt has been created and there is not enough productive capacity to pay the interest on the debt, let alone repay the loans…
Incentives paid by the government have failed to provide the changes needed to shore up Medicare for the future. AAP

What ails thee: diagnosing the health of Medicare

Health Minister Nicola Roxon recently floated the idea that it might be time to revamp Medicare. Previous attempts have resulted in band-aid efforts to cover policy failures that contribute to out-of-pocket…
An abandoned shopping mall in Harvey, Illinois, once the scene of the car chase in iconic movie The Blues Brothers. Flickr/Kenfagerdotcom

Dawn of the dead mall: will we follow the US and dump the shopping centre?

The shopping mall - it’s an essential part of American culture - the quintessential US shopping experience. And Australia isn’t far behind. More and more of us are ditching local stores for the convenience…
Concerns that the national health survey is a manifestation of Big Brother are misplaced. Cristiano Betta

Australian Health Survey is not your Big Brother

The Australian Health Survey (AHS) has recently been in the news, with people expressing concern that a national health census is an egregious infringement of their right to privacy and a manifestation…
Water bursting from dams doesn’t just look impressive; it’s vital to the health of Australian rivers. Kincuri

Rivers, rain and releases: what happens when you dam a waterway?

Water exploding from the Jindabyne Dam into the Snowy River made for compelling viewing in recent TV news reports. As well as being good TV, this water release highlighted the importance of releases in…
Promises of a quick weight-loss fix mask the realities of liposuction. Laura Mary

Quick and easy, or painful and risky? The truth about liposuction

Welcome to part seven of The science behind weight loss, a Conversation series in which we separate the myths about dieting from the realities of exercise and nutrition. Here, health sociologist Rhian…
Banks such as NAB are reportedly positioning themselves to use covered bonds to raise funds.

Banks want covered bonds, but could taxpayers be left with the risk?

Australian banks are positioning themselves to take advantage of new laws allowing them to use the new instrument of covered bonds to raise funds. Our large banks especially have enthusiastically welcomed…
UBS chief Oswald Gruebel has stepped down after a rogue trader cost the bank $US2.3 billion. AAP

As UBS boss quits over rogue trader, banks must face some risk realities

The chief executive of Swiss banking giant UBS, Oswald Gruebel, has quit following revelations of a $US2.3 billion fraud by “rogue trader” Kweku Adoboli. But the news will come as cold comfort for investors…
America and Australia have made moves towards defending against online attacks. Johnson Cameraface

Last online of defence: why is ANZUS prepping for a cyber war?

How worried should we be about cyber warfare? The latest amendment to the ANZUS treaty between the US and Australia, announced at the end of last week suggests it’s a genuine threat to the national security…
With Britain’s phone hacking scandal demonstrating the flaws of self-regulation, an Australian privacy law proposal shouldn’t be seen as threatening free speech. AAP

Far from sinister, privacy laws might mean media does its job better

There is a monster under the bed, frightening young and old. That monster is the proposal for a tort of breach of privacy. It is time that we turned on the lights, looked under the bed and looked our fears…
Sure, they’re ugly; but plastic bags might not be so bad. Robin Tennant-Wood

Banning plastic bags: real change, or a cosmetic solution?

From today, plastic bags are banned in the NT. The ACT will follow suit in November: in 2009 the ACT abandoned its 14-year old “No Waste by 2010” strategy and replaced it with a ban on plastic shopping…
Surprisingly few people change banks, believing it is more complicated than it actually is. AAP

Despite your fears, dumping your bank won’t end in tears

Treasurer Wayne Swan is fond of telling anyone who will listen how much he wants bank customers to “walk down the road and get a better deal”. This sums up the government’s vision for reforming the banking…
Australian law needs to catch up with technology which means we can be watched at any time. Flickr/Esther Gibbons

Why privacy laws should not be a game of roulette

Watching other people is human. It’s why TV shows like Big Brother, and paparazzi magazines flourish. But while some people choose to expose private moments, others do not. And Australian law doesn’t always…
The peace package will have to work hard to bring forestry workers into the modern economy. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Can Tasmania’s forest deal secure ‘peace’ for workers?

The recently announced $276 million Tasmanian forest agreement agreement sets out to end the war between loggers and conservationists. But the war has been bitter, and forest industry workers have often…

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