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Bruce Springsteen during his Working on a Dream tour in Munich, 2009. Lord_Henry

Theology according to Springsteen?

Rutgers University recently announced it will offer a first-year seminar on the theology of Bruce Springsteen. The seminar, led by Azzan Yadin-Israel, will cover songs spanning Springsteen’s 40-year career…

Remembrance Day and the sacrifice of memory

This week Australia and many other nations celebrate a major civic ritual, Remembrance Day, which commemorates all who have died in war. It was originally known as Armistice Day, for it marked the end…
An unprecedented 22% of Australians have declared themselves to be of “no religion”. Jetuma

Don’t stop believing: religion has a place in Australia’s future

Recently the Prime Minister called upon the Labor Party to “repent” of its introduction of the carbon tax. His comments were ridiculed by some critics, not for the substance of what he said, but for the…
Pope Benedict XVI, who recently announced that he will resign from the papacy this month. AAP/Claudio Peri

Pope’s resignation is a recognition of human frailty in an ageing world

Pope Benedict XVI announced his historic decision to step aside as Pope yesterday. This is the first time in 600 years a Pope has resigned. And in 1415 when Gregory XII resigned, he did so not to retire…
These bones have prompted a discussion about how the English view the monarchy. AAP/University of Leicester

A burial fit for a king: from car park to cathedral for Richard III

The story is almost unbelievable: a king buried for five centuries under what is now a car park, identified through mtDNA analysis with the last surviving matrilineal descendants of his sister. But it…
Four years ago, Kay Goldsworthy became the first Australian female bishop – so why are UK women bishops banned? AAP Image/Lincoln Baker

Why Anglican women can be bishops in Australia but not England

Twenty years ago, Anglicans in Australia and England independently passed legislation to allow for the ordination of women as priests. Now the Anglican Church of Australia has just appointed its fourth…
The Basque cooperative Mondragon has remained resilient, despite Spain’s deepening economic slump. Flickr\Fagor Automation

The Mondragon model: how a Basque cooperative defied Spain’s economic crisis

Back in the early 1980s, the former Secretary of State for Education in Harold Wilson’s Labour government, Shirley Williams, alerted me to a remarkable instance of regional economic development through…

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