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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

In 1956, Chengdu Institute of Radio Engineering, the first electronic information institute of higher education in new China, was founded, which was later in 1988 renamed as the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC).

Located in Chengdu, UESTC is reputed as “the cradle of China’s national electronic industry”. In 2001, the university was admitted into the State’s Project 985 for the top 34 developing world-class universities and world famous research-oriented universities in China, entitling it to receive special support.

With a view to modernise, under the Ministry of Education the university has moved away from a sole focus on electronic information engineering to all-around programmes in electronic disciplines.

UESTC has two campuses, occupying 2.67 km2 of land and has one of the largest gymnasiums of any Asian university.

UESTC has two libraries covering a total area of 67,000 square metres. The main library in Qingshuihe – an Octagon building at the centre of the campus – has an aesthetically appealing environment, with time square right in front of it, wetland park and living water lakes not far from it and large forest behind it.


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