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The University of Essex has been excelling in both education and research for more than fifty years. Essex is gold rated in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF 2017), top 15 in England for student satisfaction (NSS 2017, overall student satisfaction, mainstream universities), and top 25 for research quality in The Times and the Sunday Times Good University Guide.

Founded to be daring and different, the University continues to challenge convention and conduct pioneering research which informs policy and changes lives. We are an international community for original thinkers.

In 2013 we were awarded the only Regius Professorship for political science by HM The Queen. Research informs our teaching, providing a transformational living and learning experience which equips our students with the skills, knowledge and curiosity to build successful careers and lead fulfilling lives. With more than 13,000 students from 140 countries, Essex graduates develop a genuine world view.


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Can the ultimate 100 m time be predicted?

So this is quite an interesting if slightly pointless question, but nevertheless it pops up every now and again…so let’s give it a stab and see what the research says. The 100 m has progressed from a stately…

“…so how fast can Bolt run ?”

You write some papers on the mechanics of Bolt’s sprinting and what happens? - You end up doing media stuff. The questions I’m always asked are “how fast can Bolt run” or “how fast can humans run 100m…
Olympic countdown Michael Jones.

Excitement rising

As I’m writing this I have just finished a radio interview about Usain Bolt and it is now nine days nine hours and 33 minutes to go before the start of the Olympics. What will the opening ceremony be like…
Former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond leaves the Treasury Select Committee after giving evidence in London. The LIBOR-fixing scandal is the latest in a long line of dubious and illegal schemes.

Durable change a long way off for scandal-ridden UK banking system

The role of Barclays bank in manipulating the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) continues to dominate international financial media. The bank has already attracted fines from regulators in the UK and…
Despite Cameron’s half-hearted efforts, democratisation of listed UK corporations is unlikely. AAP

‘Empowering’ shareholders won’t revolutionise corporate culture

Executive remuneration is out of control in the United Kingdom. The final report by the High Pay Commission concluded that “there is rarely a link between directors’ incentives and the way a company performs…
The British banking sector is facing a major shakeup in the wake of the global crisis. AAP

Three years after UK’s banking crisis, will reforms deliver?

Major proposals designed to reform Britain’s banking sector after its spectacular 2008 crash have been described as one of the biggest shakeups in a generation. But they are likely be inadequate for a…

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