University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, a member of the prestigious Russell Group, is the UK’s largest single-site university and is consistently ranked among the world’s elite for graduate employability.

The University is also one of the country’s major research institutions, rated fifth in the UK in terms of ‘research power’ (REF 2014). World class research is carried out across a diverse range of fields including cancer, advanced materials, addressing global inequalities, energy and industrial biotechnology.

No fewer than 25 Nobel laureates have either worked or studied there.

It is the only UK university to have social responsibility among its core strategic objectives, with staff and students alike dedicated to making a positive difference in communities around the world.


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What, no beer? Tea time for Farage. Andrew Milligan/PA

Voters haven’t called time on UKIP despite some poor polls

It is less than two months since UKIP’s remarkable breakthrough in May’s local elections, yet as pictures of triumphant British sportsman have replaced those of a grinning, pint-wielding Nigel Farage on…
Say that again? Hearing aids as fashion? Flickr/Dilliweed

Make hearing aids available on the high street to fight stigma

More than one in ten middle-aged people has difficulty following speech in noisy environments, according to an analysis of 165,000 people in the UK Biobank, a project following the health of half a million…
Stop and search in action. PA

Police are the real stop and search offenders

Most police forces don’t understand how to use their powers of stop and search. The majority of times they use it, they get it wrong - and black people are seven times as likely to be stopped and searched…
Safe pair of hands: Rowhani in nuclear negotiations in 2003. Mojtaba Salimi via Creative Commons

A safe pair of old hands now holds the key to Iran’s future

In the past 10 days big crowds of Iranians have taken to the streets to celebrate two things. The outpouring of joy for the unexpected first-round victory of Hassan Rowhani in the presidential election…
Social media provides new ways for journals and scientists to interact. Scientists should take an active role in shaping this exchange. Noura

Social media is shaping dialogue between scientists and journals

More and more scientists are communicating via social media to find, publicise and discuss current research. This trend has been highlighted in two recent papers that look at the influence of social media…
Protest vote: the 2009 presidential elections were marred by violence after mass demonstrations followed allegations of electoral fraud. Katie Collins/PA Wire

How much power does the Iranian president really have?

The presidential election in Iran represents the latest instalment in almost 35 years of debate and confrontation over the meaning and power of an executive president in a state controlled by proponents…
Skyscrapers now populate the Mumbai skyline, but at what cost? Satish Krishnamurthy

A victim of its own success, India begins a long decline

The Indian economy grew by just 5% in the past year, the lowest rate in a decade. This represents a rare piece of bad news for a country that has experienced two decades of booming growth since radical…
Morning after the payday before. Owen Humphreys/PA

Our debt addiction goes far beyond payday loans

MPs are busy giving payday lenders a kicking for targeting vulnerable people with expensive loans. But these lenders represent just one small part of the consumer lending industry. We shouldn’t let this…
Scientists take to the streets, optimistically. PA

Science is vital, just not in the way you think

The UK government’s spending review is coming up and scientists are worried. They fear that there may be cuts to science funding, which they were able to just about avoid in 2010 after a strong campaign…
Life’s a gas: Nigel Farage enjoying UKIP’s success in the local council elections. Chris Radburn/PA Wire

The not-so-secret agenda of UKIP voters

On the surface, the recent surge in support for the UK Independence Party (UKIP) suggests an urgent need to reform Britain’s relations with the European Union. But polls tell a different story. The best…
Reconstruction of a 390 million year-old multiplacaphoran … easy when you know how. Jakob Vinther/University of Texas at Austin.

3D printing? Make mine a mollusc

When you think 3D you probably imagine the cinema and popcorn, or that fancy TV you’ve just blown the kids’ university fees on. What you probably don’t think - unless you’re a particular breed of palaeontologist…


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