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University of Minnesota Duluth

The University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) is a comprehensive regional university. Undergraduate students can choose from 14 bachelor degrees in 85 majors and 69 minors. In addition to the two-year program at the School of Medicine and a College of Pharmacy program, UMD offers graduate programs in 25 different fields, participates in two all-university PhD programs (one of which is located primarily on the UMD campus), and cooperates significantly in the delivery of a number of Twin Cities-based PhD programs. Providing an alternative to both large research universities and small liberal arts colleges, UMD attracts students looking for a personalized learning experience on a medium-sized campus of a major university.


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A protester holds a sign showing a black US flag during a demonstration in Denver, Colorado, on May 31, 2020. Jason Connolly/AFP

Police violence in the United States: what lies behind the ‘bad apples’ narrative

That George Floyd died at the hands of four police officers is uncontested, but interpretations of his death and its aftermath differ greatly. The result is two starkly opposed narratives.
Donald Trump at a press briefing with members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force on April 18, 2020 in Washington, DC. Sarah Silbiger/AFP

Donald Trump’s ‘Chinese virus’: the politics of naming

An analysis of the expressions used by Donald Trump to designate Covid-19 sheds light on his political calculations and on the evolution of his relationship with China in recent weeks.
Donald Trump lors d'un point presse avec les membres du groupe de travail de la Maison Blanche sur le coronavirus le 18 avril 2020 à Washington, DC. Sarah Silbiger/AFP

Donald Trump : les maux et les mots du virus

L’analyse des expressions employées par Donald Trump pour désigner le Covid-19 éclaire sur ses calculs politiques et sur l’évolution de son rapport à la Chine au cours de ces dernières semaines.
Bagaimana seharusnya Anda memilih teman?

Seperti apakah teman yang baik?

Kepada teman kita harus terbuka pada cara pandang mereka, meskipun beda dengan milik kita. Apakah menjadi orang yang baik adalah syarat menjadi teman yang baik? Seperti apa orang yang baik?
How should you choose your friends? Liderina/

What makes a good friend?

Friendship requires that we be open to our friends’ ways of seeing things, even when they differ from our own. Is being a good person necessary for a good friendship? Who is a good person?

When should you unfriend someone on Facebook?

The combination of a divisive political climate and widespread use of social media networks to share controversial material has many people asking this question. Here’s what Aristotle would say.


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