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The University of Newcastle was established as an autonomous institution in the 1960s. Its reputation is shaped by internationally recognised strength in research and an enduring commitment to quality teaching and learning, environmental sustainability, and equity and diversity.


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Our teeming attack on the natural world threatens to turn the wilderness into a fetish item. AAP/The Wilderness Society

Squaring up to difficult truths: population and the environment

Elephants in the room, part one For all our schemes and mantras about making this or that part of our lives environmentally “sustainable”, humanity’s assault on the planet not only continues but expands…
“Amateur enthusiast”: Tim Flannery with Greg Combet, the Federal Minister for Climate Change. AAP/Alan Porritt

Climate and floods: Flannery is no expert, but neither are the experts

Few Australians can be unaware of yet another summer season where widespread floods are covering large areas of eastern Australia. As with last year’s summer deluge, this year’s rainfall is directly caused…
Neither organic nor conventional food is nutritionally any better or worse for you. Smaku

Monday’s medical myth: organic food is more nutritious

Across the world, outbreaks of food-borne illness, contamination and environmental scares have generated a lot of media attention and plenty of fear around food safety. Think of the recent E. coli outbreaks…
Australia has been ahead of the pack in recognising equal rights for parents. Kayla Sawyer

Who decides what’s best for children?

Social issues involving young children and warring interest groups make good media fodder. So researchers involved in these areas have to decide very carefully how to promote their findings to stop their…
The humble pigeon mightn’t look smart, but it’s no bird-brain. Seamoor

Are pigeons as smart as primates? You can count on it

We humans have long been interested in defining the abilities that set us apart from other species. Along with capabilities such as language, the ability to recognise and manipulate numbers (“numerical…
Opposition to chiropractic is not new, no bones about it. jenni from the block

Chiropractic: crackers now, and crackers way back when

Recently there was an excellent, and much read, article on The Conversation entitled There’s no place for pseudo-scientific chiropractic in Australian universities which made the case against chiropractic…
What will be the next number in this sequence? crisinplymouth

Millennium Prize: the Riemann Hypothesis

MILLENNIUM PRIZE SERIES: The Millennium Prize Problems are seven mathematics problems laid out by the Clay Mathematics Institute in 2000. They’re not easy—a correct solution to any one results in a US$1,000,000…
Parenting programs need to actively include fathers. Jason Coleman

Do parenting programs work for dads?

It comes as no surprise to see that parenting programs attract mothers. Drop into a “toddler taming” discussion, a workshop on parents and literacy or a seminar about communicating with your teenager and…
Research has found having an overweight father quadruples the chances of kids being overweight. Conor Ashleigh

Sins of the father: heavier dads mean overweight kids

The increase in childhood obesity over the last few decades is frightening. Clearly fresh thinking is needed. New evidence of father’s impact on children’s weight gain may point us toward novel approaches…
Data on aspects of fathering, including the number of stay-at-home dads is patchy in Australia. Paolo.Pace

The mystery of stay-at-home dads

The picture of a dad with a toddler in his arms happily waving as mum heads off to work is attractive – it suggests a more equal, sharing and caring type of world. But is this a reality of family life…
Almost everyone can ride to work, and the health benefits are enormous. california cowgirl1

Better health is only a short bike ride away

CYCLING IN AUSTRALIA: More than half of Australia’s population can be classified as overweight and obese. This statistic is alarming but some of the risk factors associated with obesity – such as poor…
Dimity Dornan offended many in the Deaf community with her acceptance speech during the Telstra Business Women of the Year Award. AAP

Strong and proud: Deaf community has no need for self-appointed champions

Telstra’s Business Women of the Year awards are not usually known for attracting controversy. So, few people were prepared for the outrage that was sparked last week by Queensland winner, Dimity Dornan…

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