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The University of Newcastle was established as an autonomous institution in the 1960s. Its reputation is shaped by internationally recognised strength in research and an enduring commitment to quality teaching and learning, environmental sustainability, and equity and diversity.


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Data on aspects of fathering, including the number of stay-at-home dads is patchy in Australia. Paolo.Pace

The mystery of stay-at-home dads

The picture of a dad with a toddler in his arms happily waving as mum heads off to work is attractive – it suggests a more equal, sharing and caring type of world. But is this a reality of family life…
Almost everyone can ride to work, and the health benefits are enormous. california cowgirl1

Better health is only a short bike ride away

CYCLING IN AUSTRALIA: More than half of Australia’s population can be classified as overweight and obese. This statistic is alarming but some of the risk factors associated with obesity – such as poor…
Dimity Dornan offended many in the Deaf community with her acceptance speech during the Telstra Business Women of the Year Award. AAP

Strong and proud: Deaf community has no need for self-appointed champions

Telstra’s Business Women of the Year awards are not usually known for attracting controversy. So, few people were prepared for the outrage that was sparked last week by Queensland winner, Dimity Dornan…
Measures are needed to reduce the number of fathers going into jail as well as the number not coming back. Casey Serin

Jailing fathers increases problems in Indigenous communities

There are hopeful signs from a number of sources that the “get tough on crime” approach is working, with politicians promising the era of more prisons and longer sentences has had its day. Movements such…
Promoting men’s care responsibilities to be equal to that of women might be quite a challenge. Chris. P

What could gender equity goals for men’s well being look like?

Achieving equity between men and women requires keeping track of important markers of difference between the genders. While the focus has traditionally been on areas where women are most disadvantaged…
Guidelines for reporting deaths, epidemics and emerging diseases balance the needs of the media with the constraints facing public health officials. DFID - UK Department for International Development

Telling it like it is: US health reporting guidelines reveal Australian media quirks

A new set of guidelines produced in the United States for reporting deaths, epidemics and emerging diseases has relevance for Australian media. It shows the differences in the way news organisations in…
There are no studies that have looked at children brought up in isolation from men or from women. WalkingWounded

O father, where art thou? Social support needed for positive relationships

Media comment in the lead up to Father’s Day is generally a pretty tame affair, but this year fatherhood is under the hammer. Fatherlessness was named as the cause of rioting and looting in London and…
Do we take the sophistication of numbers one to ten for granted? duncan

Magic numbers: the beauty of decimal notation

While adding up your grocery bill in the supermarket, you’re probably not thinking how important or sophisticated our number system is. But the discovery of the present system, by unknown mathematicians…
It’s important to change your running style to adapt to running without shoes.

Sole survivors: the secret to barefoot running

There’s a growing interest in barefoot running, especially in relation to running long distances. Research articles, opinion pieces, and websites have argued both for and against the efficacy of running…
Pi pie

Are Pi’s days numbered?

Some people have argued that Pi’s days are numbered and that other tools, such as tau, could do its job more efficiently. As someone who has studied Pi throughout his entire working life, my response to…

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