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WANT. Dog jealousy by Shutterstock. Martina Osmy/Shutterstock

How does Fido really feel? Jealousy is not just for humans

Are animals jealous? How would we know? Scientists are educated to have a deep scepticism about attributing sophisticated mental abilities to non-human animals. Anthropomorphism is regarded as a scientific…

Cut referees some slack, most have done a good job

In a tournament of 64 games, there were bound to be issues of contention, especially in a competition that carries so many national hopes with it. But the general standard of refereeing has been good throughout…

The tricky business of cross-cultural refereeing

The World Cup brings together teams, players, fans and also referees from every corner of the globe. The cultural differences that exist between them can be stark, especially for referees. While players…

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