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The University of Portsmouth is a modern university with a strong reputation for quality teaching and sustained, high levels of student satisfaction. Its academics possess notable research strengths and are international experts pushing the boundaries of knowledge in their respective fields.

Over 3,000 staff supports the cohort of nearly 22,000, which includes 3,000 students from over 140 countries.


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“Hey, where are u?” “Ummm, right next to you”. TonZ

Watch where you put that emoticon AND KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN

Emoticons, punctuation and creative spelling have been debated, condemned, and regulated since the very beginning of online text-based communication. We’ve all seen “netiquettes” on how not to use ALL…
Step away from the fish, with your beak in the air. Reemul

Marine conservation efforts are failing to take five key steps

Some of the world’s most vulnerable marine habitats are being failed by the conservation orders put in place to protect them. As the Environmental Audit Committee meets to discuss how it will implement…
It’s not a game: RAF pilots controlling a UAV at Kandahar Airport. Defence Images

Killing with drones is not ‘easy’

The Reaper drone pilot and sensor operator stared intently at the bank of screens in front of them, their concentration fixed on one individual. Their target had been identified by more than one intelligence…
Perhaps macaques would like Angry Birds too? Jerome Micheletta, University of Portsmouth

Touch screens help monkeys relax

Zoos are great places to study animals. The non-human primates among them get the most attention from researchers. Some of them are trained to interact with computers for psychological research. In a new…
Did you see Wall-E? Loved that movie. University of Portsmouth

Robots push the right buttons for inquisitive chimps

Whether you’re already planning what your mechanised personal assistant will look like in the future or worrying that machines will inherit the Earth, there is no denying that human beings are fascinated…
“We all look the same, we need some diversity around here.” Rick Stuart-Smith/Reef Life Survey

Novel method of measuring biodiversity reveals surprises

I first heard used the term “biodiversity” as a graduate student some years ago. While it appeared to be something everyone agreed was important, nobody could tell me exactly what it meant. It seemed to…
Illegal downloading has become a free-for-all. Josh Russell

Online pirates may be willing to pay - if the price is right

Data released by Ofcom yesterday show that internet users who illegally download films, music or games actually spend more money on legal downloads than those who always play by the rules. Online piracy…
Sorouq lost her sisters to bomb attacks in Syria, but the best way to help is to stay away. Save the Children / Hedinn Halldorsson

Weep for the children, but stay out of Syria

A grief-stricken father tenderly hands over the shrouded body of his tiny daughter to be placed in the mass grave. Surgical masks are being worn in the hope that they will ward off the chemical death that…
A day out in woods, for science. GlacierNPS

Citizen science heading for world domination

People from all walks of life and all corners of the world are becoming scientists. Citizen science empowers those with an interest in any area from ecology to astronomy to be a part of the scientific…
Understanding the mechanics of breast movement feeds into better design for sports bras. mikebaird

Bouncing breasts: the science of the sports bra

If you’re female and exercise, a certain amount of breast movement is inevitable. But bosom movement extends beyond bouncing up and down – it also involves moving side to side, which impacts on breast…

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