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The University of Tulsa is a private, independent, doctoral-degree-granting institution whose mission reflects these core values: excellence in scholarship, dedication to free inquiry, integrity of character, and commitment to humanity. The university achieves its mission by educating men and women of diverse backgrounds and cultures to:

become literate in the sciences, humanities and arts think critically and write and speak clearly succeed in their professions and careers behave ethically in all aspects of their lives welcome the responsibility of citizenship, service, and leadership in a changing world acquire the skills and appetite for lifelong learning.


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Love complicates the complex marriage deals arranged by parents on the island of Tanna, though rarely with such profound ramifications as those depicted in the film. Contact Films

Award-winning film Tanna sets Romeo and Juliet in the south Pacific

The new Australian film Tanna, which won two awards at Venice Film Festival, is as much a tale about romance as it is globalisation.


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