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The UW Colleges through its 13 freshman/sophomore campuses and provides the Associate of Arts and Science degree and the liberal arts foundation of the bachelor’s degree. The Colleges campuses prepare students for transfer to any four-year UW campus. Personal attention, small classes and modest cost are just a few of the ways the UW Colleges provides significant value to its students. While its campuses are small, UW Colleges students have access to the resources of the entire UW System, enabling them to access a world-class education, and the best start towards a rewarding life. The quality of the academic program is further substantiated by the high rates of its students who graduate with bachelor’s degrees after they transfer.


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An ancient form of energy: a wood pellet manufacturing facility in upstate New York. thewildcenter/flickr

Does bioenergy have a green energy future in the US?

The future of two key energy policies – the EPA's Clean Power Plan and Renewable Fuel Standard – will decide whether bioenergy will continue to grow in US or not.
What is the future of small colleges? Seth Sawyers

What can we learn from Sweet Briar’s near-death?

With one year to effect a turnaround, Sweet Briar College faces considerable challenges. But in this near-death are lessons for many other colleges and universities.

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