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Amy Pieters (right) of The Netherlands followed by Hannah Barnes (centre) of Great Brittain and Rachel Neylan (left) of Australia compete in the Women Elite Road Race of UCI Cycling Road World Championships in Bergen, Norway, 23 September 2017. EPA/Cornelius Poppe

Cycling and politics: Australia’s World Road Championships selection controversy

Sport and politics don’t mix, as the saying goes. But like many of those sayings that work in theory, in reality, it’s untrue. Take Australian cycling, for instance. Politics has been a part of the sport…
When separating out apprenticeships and traineeships, it becomes clear that apprenticeships are not in crisis. Shutterstock/SpeedKingz

There is no apprenticeships ‘crisis’ in Australia

The so-called 'crisis' has united both sides of politics, employers and trade unions, but wrongly conflates apprenticeships and traineeships to skew the picture.

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