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Established in 1989, Western Sydney University `brings knowledge to life’ in the education of students for employment, the application of research to contemporary problems, and mutually enriching partnerships with local schools, organisations, businesses and community groups.


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It’s time to give people a hand up through welfare. Flickr/sidkid

How to get welfare to actually work

As a senior public servant I became increasingly frustrated that too many government initiatives, always well meant and often well implemented, simply ended up compounding the problem of passivity and…
Parents are often ill-informed about the realities of dangers on the Internet. AAP

Myth busting the cybersafety debate

We know that most fears about cybersafety originate from a lack of understanding. We also know that social networking is a mystery to many people outside of Generation Y. So it should not come as a surprise…
The legal system says that no one lives in Australia’s vegetation. John Hadley

Want to stop biodiversity loss? Give animals property rights

The destruction or modification of habitat is the leading cause of biodiversity loss in Australia and around the world. Letting animals have rights over their habitat could be the answer. Despite 40 years…
Government should strive to work better with the Third Sector. AAP

Can governments and community organisations really collaborate?

Australian governments have never been so dependent on the organisational capacity of not-for-profit (NFP) enterprises to deliver their policies. Conversely, Australian NFPs have never been so dependent…
The anti carbon tax rally resembled a Tea Party. AAP

A bush Tea Party?

The recent anti-carbon tax rally that took place in front of Parliament House was compared to a US Tea Party rally. It certainly reflected its tone and style. There was the same anti-government, anti-tax…

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