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York St John University has been a leading education, training and research institution at the heart of the city of York for over 175 years.

The award-winning campus has undergone a multi-million pound transformation over the past 10 years, making York St John an outstanding place to work and study. Research at York St John covers a wide range of themes and issues across all nine of our academic Schools and highlights the University’s emphasis on working in partnership with a wide range of organisations.

Equality, opportunity and social justice are at the centre of the University’s ethos and this is reflected in their reputation for academic excellence, graduate employability and strong sense of community. Research is seen as one of the main ways that York St John can make a real difference to people’s lives, by using academic expertise to help people better understand the world and their lives within it, contributing to the richness of the cultural economy and playing a bigger part in the wider economic development of the community, region and beyond.


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Perfeksionisme sering berkembang saat di usia anak-anak, yang disebabkan oleh pengasuhan oleh orang tua yang menyebabkan gangguan mental dan kesusahan hidup di masa mendatang. www.shutterstock.com

Mengapa banyak anak muda yang menjadi perfeksionis saat ini?

Penelitian terbaru menunjukkan bahwa perfeksionisme meningkat dalam 25 tahun terakhir, dan para perfeksionis sangat sensitif terhadap kegagalan dan kurang teliti seiring berjalannya waktu.
Le perfectionnisme apparaît souvent dès l’enfance sous l’influence parentale et peut mener à des problèmes de santé mentale plus tard dans la vie. Shutterstock

Une épidémie de perfectionnisme s'abat sur les jeunes

De nouvelles recherches montrent que le perfectionnisme a considérablement augmenté au cours des 25 dernières années et que les perfectionnistes deviennent de plus en plus névrosés au fil du temps.
Perfectionism often develops in childhood, is impacted by parenting and can lead to mental health struggles in later life. (Shutterstock)

Young people drowning in a rising tide of perfectionism

New research shows that perfectionism has increased dramatically over the last 25 years, and that perfectionists become more neurotic and less conscientious as time passes.
Les enfants commencent à inventer leurs propres plaisanteries vers l'âge de deux ans. Shutterstock

Comment le sens de l’humour vient aux enfants

Avant de faire des plaisanteries, les enfants doivent développer imagination, empathie et conscience des différences.

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