Join the Campaign for Unrestrained Travel and avoid the tyranny of Big Seatbelt

Fascist Stalinist propaganda like this is common.

I have become aware due to my own diligent research on the internet (literally hours and hours) about a massive conspiracy by greedy and unscrupulous engineers. I am talking about the fearsome, faceless safety-industrial complex I call Big Seatbelt.

They have managed, under the guise of “public safety”, to get it made mandatory in all states and territories of Australia to wear these dangerous devices, which maim and harm thousands of people every year while the so-called ‘Safety Engineers’ and their corporate masters in Big Seatbelt rake in the profits. There are whole companies who do nothing but make and install seatbelts which we are powerless to stop. Look at this graph which shows a reduction in serious injury and death from 1981. Think it shows seatbelts “work”? Well, deaths and serious injuries were coming down anyway, due to better cars and roads as well as healthier people who could survive accidents better.

Road deaths and injuries were going down anyway.

When I was younger I had heaps of traffic accidents. They were almost like a rite of passage. I don’t remember anyone getting harmed. There’s no real evidence that anybody much got injured on the roads in the 1950s and 60s. It’s almost like the medical-safety-industrial complex wants us to forget how great things were on the roads before the crushing weight of mandatory belting up was forced on us.

There are even articles in medical journals about the severe and appalling injuries you can sustain from seatbelts, but I don’t see any doctors speaking out. Guess why? Yep, they’re only looking up from having their snouts in the Big Pharma trough for long enough to gulp down more swill from Big Seatbelt. To quote from a major Australian study:

Children restrained by a lap-only belt, or young or small children restrained by a lap-sash belt are more likely than those in recommended child restraints, to suffer a specific cluster of injuries referred to as the lap-belt syndrome including tears and perforations to the intestine and its mesentery, injuries to abdominal organs such as liver, pancreas, kidneys, and spleen and fractures, distraction or dislocation of the mid-lumbar spine and spinal cord injuries (1,2).. More recently, reports of serious neck and cervical spine injuries due to the sash portion of adult lap-sash belts have also been described (5,6).

Our right to be at liberty is under threat from the Government, the Police and politicians who keep us enslaved to seatbelts. We need a Campaign for Unrestrained Travel to ensure that all the facts are heard.

We’re not anti-seatbelt, we’re pro-choice.

People, that is those who are not already brain-dead drooling puppets of Big Seatbelt and their shills, need to wake up and make up their minds not to be told what to do. Mothers need to follow their instincts in deciding whether to belt up their children. I put a restraint on my child once, and it was like he was afraid of me for days afterwards. To quote Jeff Jacoby from the Boston Globe

Already the government confiscates the largest part of your income, controls what you can watch on TV, decrees the curriculum your child must study, tells you what to do with your trash, decides what contraceptives you’re allowed to buy and may throw you in prison if you enlarge your house without permission. A compulsory seat belt law may be only a minor encroachment on our freedom compared with the ones we’ve already accepted. At least let us resist the minor encroachments.

So join me in spreading the word about these fiendish and dangerous devices. Sure they’ll try to tell us that their “science” shows these hellish and cruel restraints save lives. Sure they’ll tell us that by chaining ourselves into the car we’re contributing to the good of society. I don’t buy it, coming from those with so much money invested in it. And neither should you. If these arguments are good enough for anti-vaccination groups who can collect for charity, then they are good enough for my Campaign for Unrestrained Travel. Donations open next week.