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The Conversation UK launched in 2013 with the backing of a small group of universities. The mission was simple: produce news, comment and analysis for the general public, channeling informed voices from academia.

To create this new brand of “smart” journalism, we built a team of five editors. Now, we have a group of 20 dedicated professionals working from our headquarters in London and across the UK.

This has been possible thanks to the support of a growing number of universities. More than 60 are now members of the charity – The Conversation UK Trust. This enables us to produce around 20 articles a day and promote that content to republishers. Our new model of journalism ensures our authors reach a global audience via some of the world’s most respected media outlets.

We feel we can achieve even more. We want to produce content in different formats, while remaining true to our principles. We seek to make a difference, not a profit. But creating thorough, trustworthy journalism takes money. To do more, we need additional funding.

So, if you value what we do, and enjoy reading our content, perhaps you’d like to make a donation and become a “friend of The Conversation”. Please click here to help The Conversation grow. We promise only to run a campaign like this once a year. We’ll post one reminder, then it’s back to normal service until 2017.

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