Kids food choices influenced by ads

Children’s food choices are affected by advertising but parental influence also plays a role.

The study involved 75 children ranging in age from three to five years. All of the children watched a series of two cartoons, with commercials shown between each cartoon.

The children were divided into two groups; half of the children watched a commercial for French fries, and the other half watched a commercial for apple slices with dipping sauce.

After watching the cartoons and commercials, the children were allowed to choose a coupon for either advertised food with input from their parents, half of whom encouraged their child to choose the healthy option, and the other half remained neutral.

Of the children who viewed the commercial for French fries, 71% chose the coupon for French fries if their parents remained neutral. However, the number only dropped to 55% when the children were encouraged by their parents to choose the healthier option.

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