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Leopard changes spots!

Lindsey Parnaby/EPA

Yesterday I wrote a blog that panned opening ceremonies as a jingoistic waste of money that left me cold. Please ignore it!

The one I have just watched was life affirming, a celebration of everything! It was culturally significant and doffed its hat to the things that made Britain Great. It was also self deprecating and superbly creative. For many a Pom (and plenty of others besides) it was a walk down memory lane from school bound history lessons brought to life to very real experiences now bubbling back to the surface. Spine tingling, tear jerking but far from the nationalistic, chest beating poppycock it could so easily have become.

Forget the touted economic benefits this will propel psychic income skywards for the next few weeks. And that, as I’ve come to realise is what it’s all about.

Just one thing though… I wish I could have been there! @drsportbiz