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Link between breast cancer surgery and swollen arm syndrome

There is a link between invasive breast cancer surgery and swollen arm syndrome, known as arm lymphoedema, a study from the Queensland University of Technology has found.

The study found women who underwent extensive and invasive surgery were four times more likely to develop the syndrome.

The study also identified risk factors which increased likelihood of the syndrome, including a lack of exercise and body weight.

Read more at Queensland University of Technology

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  1. Dan Pettersson


    This isn't news.
    The link between, axillary dissection, especially a level 3 clearance and radiotherapy is well established.

    1. Mark Amey

      logged in via Facebook

      In reply to Dan Pettersson

      Yes, one can only imagine that the link between mastectomy and lymphoedema was noticed after the first handful of mastectomies.

    2. Stiofán Mac Suibhne

      Contrarian / Epistemologist

      In reply to Dan Pettersson

      Indeed. It seems absurd to frame this as research. Perhaps the extracted summary is so brief the purpose of the work has been lost.