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Man’s best friend: working dogs return on investments

Working dogs in rural Australia give owners a 5.2 fold return on investment costs, significantly contributing to Australia’s rural financial sector.

Researchers used data from over 800 farmers, finding the median herding dogs cost $7,763 over their working life, while performing $40,000 worth of work.

The findings are being presented at the inaugural Australian Working Dog Conference held at the University of Sydney.

Read more at University of Sydney

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  1. Gerard Dean

    Managing Director

    Looking back on my childhood growing up on a wheat and sheep farm in the Wimmera I often ponder the tough life of a working dog.

    They worked hard, erratic hours and ate scraps and offal Dad threw them when killing the sheep. Some nights they went spotlight shooting for foxes or rabbits, others were spent under a freezing starlit milky way sky and on very rare occasions they might sit in front of the fire.

    Sometimes I wonder if the city dogs with their regular 30 minute walk and weekly wash in the dog-wash trailer and pampered trips to the vet might not envy the rough and tumble dog's life on the farm.

    The end was always the same. A walk with their beloved master and a bullet through the brain.

    Gerard Dean