Medicinal mushroom suppresses prostate tumour development

A mushroom used in Asia for its medicinal benefits has been found to be 100% effective in suppressing prostate tumour development in mice during early trials, new research shows.

The compound, polysaccharopeptide (PSP), which is extracted from the ‘turkey tail’ mushroom, was found to target prostate cancer stem cells and suppress tumour formation in mice.

The study’s author said the results could be an important step towards fighting a disease that kills 3000 Australian men a year.

“In the past, other inhibitors tested in research trials have been shown to be up to 70% effective, but we’re seeing 100% of this tumour prevented from developing with PSP,” he noted, adding,“Importantly, we did not see any side effects from the treatment.”

Conventional therapies were only effective in targeting certain cancer cells, not cancer stem cells, which initiated cancer and caused the disease to progress, he said.

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